Plot: The movie revolves around the Ganesh-a middle-class person played by Sunil. Ganesh plays a very happy person who never forgets the people who had helped h

Jakkanna Movie Review

Jakkanna Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Jakkanna"
Runtime: 2 Hours 04 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 29-07-2016
Genre: Action, Comedy
2.5 / 5.0

Plot: The movie revolves around the Ganesh-a middle-class person played by Sunil. Ganesh plays a very happy person who never forgets the people who had helped him. He always enters their life with a good cause as all he wants to repay them, by helping them but he always ends up creating a mess. This behavior leads Ganesh to stumble into the life Bairagi(the villain of the movie) who is very cruel and mean. Ganesh has no idea about his identity, but everyone else living in the city knows and fears even his name. Ganesh enters in his life because Bairagi had helped Ganesh once in their childhood, so again to repay him Ganesh enters in his life. Bairagi’s sister is the love interest of Ganesh and is played by Manara.

Analysis: The film is a good family entertainer. As it has some good jokes and it is great to see the way in which Ganesh helps Bairagi to transform into a respectful man in the society. Though the story is predictable, still the first half does well in keeping a smile on your face. The interval has been timed just at the right time. The second half is about Ganesh’s fight to win the love of Mannara and get out of this messy situation as he comes to know about the real identity of Bairagi. The movie has enjoyed an amazing run at the box office. At a time when it’s difficult to find decent comedy film, director Vamsi Akella has done a great job in scripting out a clean and decent family entertaining film.

Star Performances: Lead actors Sunil and lead actress Mannara have without any doubt given their best performance till date. Considering it to be just the fifth film for Mannara to has really grown as an actress doing a great job with her facial expressions and delivery timings. Sunil has once again proved that he is a force to be reckoned with and especially in comedy genre with his amazing comic timing. Sunil acts with great charm, and he is really a delight to watch everytime he comes on the screen. His outstanding performance leads to audience expecting more elements from Sunil. Even though Vamsi  Akella was the man behind the camera, he deserves some credit for his amazing script with great punches.

What’s There? 

• Sunil is just a delight to watch thanks to his effortless acting.

• The climax is really great and was not expected the movie was going.

• Songs are also funny, and they too help in bringing the smile on your face.

• The screenplay of the movie is just outstanding.

What’s Not There?

 • Movie at one point seems to have a really dragged storyline.

• Even though the movie has and unexpected and thrilling climax the rest of the storyline seems to be really predictable.

Verdict: The movie will surely make you laugh and in a world where it’s hard to find nice and clean comedy films these days. It makes it a must watch a film with your family. Watch the movie if you are looking to spend some quality time with your family this weekend, it is a movie which won’t disappoint you.