Dhanalakshmi Thalupu Thadithe is a Telugu drama film directed by Sai Achyut Chinnari T Rama Satyanarayana has co-produced it with Dhanraj The movie was relea

Dhanalakshmi Thalupu Thadithe Movie Review

Dhanalakshmi Thalupu Thadithe Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Dhanalakshmi Thalupu Thadithe"
Runtime: 1 Hour 54 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 31-07-2015
Genre: Drama, Thriller
3 / 5.0

Dhanalakshmi Thalupu Thadithe is a Telugu drama film directed by Sai Achyut Chinnari. T. Rama Satyanarayana has co-produced it with Dhanraj. The movie was released in 2015.

Plot- Randhir is a professional kidnapper and kidnaps Minister Vasundhara's niece from her school. He partners with a lady police officer and keeps the little girl in an isolated place. He demands ransom from Vasundhara and threatens her to kill her niece if she does not fulfill his demands. Frustrated by the failed efforts of police to find her niece, Vasundhara agrees to pay the ransom.

However, Randhir meets with an accident and loses the girl. Vasundhara comes to know about this and orders an immediate search operation for her niece. Kodi and his friends get the hold of the girl and give her back to Vasundhara. Impressed by them, she gives the amount of ransom to them to start a new life. The movie continues with the struggles they face when Randhir gets to know about the incident.

Analysis: The movie has a decent story which will entertain you but in pieces. The first half is excellent and will keep you occupied. The introduction of the characters has been great, and Chinnari should be applauded for that. He has very beautifully presented the first half to the audience but has failed in the mid and in the second half. The movie gets very predictable in the mid. Also, the climax does not seem very appealing either, and you will put your hands on your head.

However, the movie does provide you with some entertainment, and the comedy sequences are quite good. Chinnari has got the guidance of Dhanraj in the film, especially for comedy shots and they are worth watching. Also, the dialogues are bang-on, and they are going to amaze you of you are not a Telugu film fan.

Star performances: Dhanraj has come a long way in the industry, and he had set standards for the youngsters with this film. The way he gracefully turns a serious shot to a comic one is amazing. Sree Mukhi has also done a commendable job in the movie and has fit in her role. Manoj gets the most of the screen in the movie, and he has done justice with his character of Randhir. A rookie thug who gets hands on the minister's niece is very nicely portrayed by him. The excitement a beginner faces while getting money is clearly visible on his face. Chinnari is average with his work and could have done way better. However, he is still able to entertain the audience for most of the time.

What's there? Dhanraj is a part of the movie, and it's enough for the audience to come to the cinema halls. The movie has already created hype in the masses, and you will enjoy watching it. The first half is excellent and will not let you leave your chairs. Also, the music is pleasing and will add to your movie experience.

What's not there? It gets draggy and predictable in the second half and will start to bore you at instances. Also, some of the logics are questionable and will get you curious to know them. It also lets you down at technical levels like cinematography and editing which could have played a crucial role in making it precise.

Verdict: It has the elements to entertain. The performances will ooze you, and you will connect with it. It can be watched once.