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Thagubothu Ramesh

Other names of Thagubothu Ramesh: Ramesh Ramilla, Thagubhotu Ramesh

Thagubothu Ramesh was born on 25th November 1981, in the Karimnagar district of Telangana. He was named as Ramesh Ramilla at birth, but after he began acting in films, he is popularly referred to as Thagabothu Ramesh. His surname is a result of his choice of roles or characters in movies. Ramesh is a Telugu film actor and in Telugu, ‘Thagubothu’ means drunkard. His 2009 movie- ‘Mahatma’ features him in such a role, and the film was a huge success, commercially as well as aesthetically. Ramesh gained a lot of recognition from the audience and the prominent director- Nandini Reddy cast him in the movie ‘Ala Modalaindi’ in which he plays the character of a drunk software engineer.

The high level of characteristic reality and realistic mannerisms of a drunkard made his performance very convincing on screen, and he thus got his surname- ‘Thagubothu’. Ramesh owes his acting skills to the unfortunate incidents and hardships that he had to face in his childhood. Ramesh’s father was an alcohol addict, who used to abuse his mother on a daily basis under the influence of alcohol. To make his mother happy, Ramesh would perform for her, creating jokes and limericks to please his mother. His performances before his mother soon gave him the realization that he had good skills in mimicry, and thus he decides to pursue acting as his future career. It is with this intention that he joins the Akkineni Film Institute in Hyderabad. Before his parents' death and his sister’s marriage,

Ramesh was managed his family responsibly by working as a building supervisor for nearly ten years. After he was independent in his life, he pursued acting. After his graduation from the Institute, Ramesh gets introduced to the director Krishna Vamsi Krishna Vamsi or also known as Vamshiramya, is an >> Read More... , who gave him the role of ‘Mahatma’ which remains one of the major milestones in his career.


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