One major reason to watch this film was for Megastar Chiru who made a cameo Oh boy that s worth every penny I spent He is still in perfect shape and all gea

Bruce Lee Movie Review

Bruce Lee Movie Review Telugu
Review for the film " Bruce Lee "
Runtime: 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 16-10-2015
Genre: Action, Drama
2.5 / 5.0

One major reason to watch this film was for Megastar Chiru, who made a cameo. Oh boy, that's worth every penny I spent. He is still in perfect shape and all geared up for his 150th film. Another interesting thing about this film was something I noticed in the title card, where it showed "original story" by Sreenu Vaitla. Alright, but the formula is tried and tested in Tollywood for so many years now. Its a neat commercial masala film with all the elements you need to time pass 3 hours sans value addition.

Hero is a stuntman and saves a girl from harassment while he in a police character. The heroine, who wants to marry a policeman like him, sees him while he is punching the bad guys and falls in love right away. Of course, the hero also falls in love at first sight later when he sees the heroine. In between there this villain and his story. Hero and the villain meet and rest is a routine revenge drama. There is some family and sister sentiment to add to the masala. Though the director claims it as his original story, we have seen many movies with the same template. The hero being a stuntman could be the only difference. The writing is loaded with lot of routine elements and the movie gets predictable as it goes.

The director gave all weightage to the hero and forgot about the villain. There are a few twists just for the sake of it but nothing out of the box. Though predictable, the film didn't seem to drag all that much, thanks to the editor for sharp cuts and making the film watchable. Cinematography in songs and stunts were totally brilliant. Music was good, but not riveting or a chartbuster material. Ram charan looked in good shape and looked believable as a stuntman. He was brilliant with his dance moves and fight sequences. His comedy timing and dialogue delivery was good too. Rakul Preet, you beauty. She had this opportunity to travel with the hero throughout and got a chance to showcase her beautiful side. 

Good to see Nadiya back again. Ali has got a better role and public liked it immensely. Brahmanandam was not given a proper role. Chiru got one hell of an introduction and he looked like a million bucks. He has lost nothing and will give the younger heroes a run for their money. Other supporting actors were just fine. Oh yeah, I totally forgot about Arun Vijay, who made his debut in Telugu cinema. He was definitely underused and his characterization was weak. All he does is gets trashings from the hero and ends up in coma. Bruce Lee is definitely for Ram Charan fan boys and people who like fights and all the commercial stuff. And of course, its an absolute delight to watch Megastar Chiru back on screen. This film is a perfect commercial masala, so leave your brains at home and enjoy this mindless entertainer.