Savarikkadu is a horror comedy Tamil movie released on 21 July 2017 directed by M N Krishnakumar The film features Raveendran Rajapandhi and Krishankumar

Savarikkadu Movie Review

Savarikkadu Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Savarikkadu"
Runtime: 2 Hours 02 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 21-07-2017
Genre: Comedy, Thriller
2.9 / 5.0



  • Producer:
  • MN Krishnakumar
  • Choreographer:
  • Vijaya Pandi
  • Music Director:
  • AT Indiravarman
  • Editor:
  • A Maris
  • Director:
  • MN Krishnakumar
  • Art Director:
  • M Raja Kanndasan
  • Director of Photography:
  • K Gokul
  • Stunt Director:
  • Production Manager:
  • R Nagarajan
  • Screenplay Writer:
  • MN Krishnakumar
  • _Supporting Actors:
  • Raja Kannadasan
  • Prema Priya
  • MN Krishnakumar
  • Alva Vasu
  • Swathi Shanmugam
  • Soori
  • Renuka
  • Ravindran
  • Rajapandi
  • Robo Shankar
  • Public Relations Officer:

Savarikkadu is a horror comedy Tamil movie released on 21 July 2017, directed by M N Krishnakumar. The film features, Raveendran, Rajapandhi, and Krishankumar. For a comedy film, you need a crew that can tickle your stomach. The movie’s cast also includes Robo Shankar, Soori, Renu, Alva Vasu, and Ramarajan.


Tamil comedy films have a tinge of horror in it to make it more interesting. Five college friends, who have been very close throughout their college lives, decide to pay a visit to each other’s homes in the village after their under-graduation event comes to an end. They further decide to visit the eminent places of the village that is when they start heading towards the end of the village to a place called Savarikkadu.

Even after several villagers trying to stop them from going ahead to that place these five do not pay heed to them. They spend a night there, amidst where a girl starts pottering around the woods and gets lost and her screams awaken her friends who decide to split up into different ways to find them. The entire plot revolves around how they find each other and what is the mystery behind the place Savarikkadu.

Analysis :

MN Krishnakumar has directed and produced the film for Mother Teresa Films.

Star Performance :

This film doesn’t have a lead hero or heroine; all the actors have equally prominent roles. Rajapandhi, Ravindhran, Krishna Kumar, Renuka and, Swathi have all done a great job with their roles. Having appeared in only a few scenes didn’t make Soori and Robo not to make us laugh. The other cast members have also put in efforts and have done a decent job.

What’s there?

1. The director has focused on showing the friendship of the five friends.

2. The locations of the film were satisfactory.

What’s not there?

1. The script and the screenplay could have been better.

2. The film’s genre being a comedy flick, doesn’t have many laughs out loud moments.

3. Being passed on as a horror venture, it barely scared the audience.

4. The background score was very usual, in short, the film was too ordinary.

Verdict :

If you are looking for something very casual and light humored, then Savaarikkadu could be your choice, as it is a good film to take a break from your monotonous routine and just relax.