Swathi Shanmugam is a south Indian actress from Tamil Nadu. She has acted in movies like Oru Iyakkunarin Kadhal Diary, Thiru ViKa poonga, Maalumi, Enakkul Etho, Savarikkadu, Cuckoo and much more. She's always appreciated for being bold enough to choose her role in the movie, Oru Iyakkunarin Kadhal Kadhai, pairing with the director of the movie, Director Velu Prabhakaran. Swathi is not a newbie to the cine field. Her dad Shanmugam was already a production manager in AVM studio when she was just three years.

The little Swathi used to go to the studio with her dad. She was an overactive, naughty girl that time. Impressed by this, she was given a child role in the movie Veetoda Maapillai (2001), directed by V.Sekhar starring Napoleon and Roja. So literally she's been in this field for 16 years. After her 1st movie, she started acting as a child star in many Tamil and Telugu serials. By the time she turned eighteen, she had already done thirty-two to forty roles in small screen. Every life has a turning point, and so does her.

The movie Narthagi (2011), directed by Vijayapadma was that turning point for her. She took a leap of faith from the small screen to silver screen by that movie. The movie starred Kalki Subramaniyam and Girish Karnan in the lead roles, while G.V Prakash directed music for that film. The movie focused on the issues faced by the Transgender people. The film provided information regarding the sexual minorities. It also won Best Social Awareness Film award in 2012 Norway Tamil Film Festival Awards.

After which she was commonly addressed as Narthagi Swathi Narthagi Swathi’s full name is Swathi Shanmugam al >> Read More... Narthagi Swathi . She says she chose to act in Narthagi because she wanted to play a different role. She's not someone who chooses movies in which the heroine is of no importance. And one another movie of this kind is the Oru Iyakkunarin Kadhal Diary. She says that Director Velu Prabhakaran has already decided that she's the heroine of his movie, but he waited till she became a major. He was very particular about that. She got to act in that movie just because of her father. Her father Shanmugam and Director Velu Prabhakaran were good friends since the film, Kadhal Kadhai in which they worked together.

When the director proposed Swathi’s name for the movie she was shocked because it was an ‘A’ certificate film. She googled about him due to her instinctive fear, and it turned out to be true. The Internet consisted of all the negative things about the director, but later she realized that it wasn't the real face of him. She put on a brave front and agreed to work with him, but still, psychologically she couldn't completely accept that. On the first day, when she put on a glamor costume she got scared and fainted. It was reported that her blood pressure got down and she was in the hospital for three days. But then she gathered up courage and finished the movie. She says the movie gave her good and bad experiences as well. “And one of those good memories was working with Ilayaraja sir,” says the bold girl.