Plot The story starts where a couple is arguing over the first word of their child being 'Amma' or ' Appa.' But to a surprise, he says ' Ann

Raja Manthiri Movie Review

Raja Mandhiri Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Raja Manthiri"
Runtime: 2 Hours 08 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 24-06-2016
Genre: Drama, Comedy
3 / 5.0

Plot The story starts where a couple is arguing over the first word of their child being ' Amma AMMA is a Telugu drama serial aired from Monday to >> Read More... Amma ' or ' Appa.' But to a surprise, he says ' Anna' (brother) and from here his bond with his elder brother commences. Surya ( Kaali Venkat Kali Venkat hails from a rural village named Kovil >> Read More... Kaali Venkat ) and Karthi (Kalaiyarasan) grow up, and Surya starts a goli soda business. While the elder one works hard to earn money, the younger one enjoys spending it. Surya falls in love with Mahalakshmi (Vaishali), the girl next door. But due to a tiff between the two families, they get separated, and this breaks Surya's heart.

On the other side, Karthi also finds his lady love in Subha (Shalin Zoya), his classmate. When everything seems to be going fine, Surya's parents fix his alliance and the girl in none other than Subha, Karthi's love interest. Now Karthi has to break this marriage and save his love and also can't hurt his ever loving elder brother. And this forms the rest of the story.

Analysis: Usha Krishnan Usha Krishnan is a 29 years old promising, an upco >> Read More... Usha Krishnan , the director, has proved her caliber by making an entertainer with emotions, comedy, and drama. Her addition of comedy elements in scenes, without affecting the seriousness of the situation needs a bow. Tamil movies have rarely explored brotherhood relationship. But Usha Krishnan has portrayed this story beautifully on silver screen. Cinematography by PG Muthiah, editing by Selva R.K. and music by Justin Prabhakaran Justin Prabhakaran is a Tamil soundtrack composer >> Read More... Justin Prabhakaran also goes well and adds to the simplicity of the story. Kaali and Kalaiyarasan have impressed by showing their versatility. They have earned appreciation as supporting actors, but this movie introduces them as lead actors.

Star Performances: Kaali and Kalaiyarasan have done full justice to their role. While Kali is a sensible and innocent man, Kalaiyarasan is an extrovert and smart youngster. Both of them perfectly fit the role. Their love interests, Vaishali and Shalin, have also done their job, but their role has nothing much to offer. Bala Saravanan Bala Saravanan is an Indian Tamil cinema actor. He >> Read More... Bala Saravanan impresses us with his comic timing. Nadodigal Gopal and Meenakshi play important roles as their parents. Usha Krishnan has beautifully carved a middle-class family and made the best of each actor.

What's there?

1. The humor in the movie is commendable. Especially, Kalaiyarasan and Bala Saravanan have amazingly done their comic roles.

2. The brotherhood relationship is an untapped area in Tamil film industry. So audiences get something fresh to watch.

3. Editing and Music of the movie are great.

4. Good acting performances by all the actors add a flavor to the story and makes it a good watch.

What's there?

 1. Although the story is fresh, some of the scenes can get a bit stale.

2. Male characters have been amazingly portrayed and have a meaty role, but the female characters have nothing much to offer.

3. The first half of the movie is a bit slow, and boredom can be an issue.

Verdict:  But overall 'Raja Mathiri' is a good family movie which has a good mix of humor, drama, and a new storyline.