Moone Moonu Varthai Aka Moone Moonu Vaarthai Movie Review

Moone Moonu Varthai Aka Moone Moonu Vaarthai Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Moone Moonu Varthai"
Runtime: 2 Hours 08 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 26-06-2015
Genre: Comedy, Romance
3 / 5.0

Plot:  Moone Moonu Varthai is the next different movie from the director Madhumitha, after her kolakolaya Mundhirikka and Vallamai Thaaraayo.

This film has the veteran actors to support the story and erect the film straight, proudly. Bhagyaraj, Lakshmi and SPB are the leading celebrities who occupied the story of this film. Director K. Bhagyaraj is the first one to start the film. He acted as himself in this film. The story travels from him. He is admitted to the hospital and a young man Arjun visits him and begins to narrate his story. Arjun and Karna are close friends and they live a stress free life. Arjun falls in love, when his eyes met Anjali. As Arjun was not responsible, his grandparents SPB and Lakshmi decide to teach him about the life and hence, tell him that they are leaving to USA and providing just 5 thousand Rupees to Arjun and tell him to care the rest of his life.

After they leave, Arjun and Karna start a new business called Thadangalukku Varundhukirom, through which they spread false news. One such false information they spread by the request of a customer is to stop a marriage and the bride is Anjali’s sister. The film brings a little bit drowsiness due to the story; yet the actors managed to do their characters well.

Though the veterans, Bhagyaraj, SPB and Lakshmi did their part really well, the film gets lagged. Music is scored by the debutant Karthikeya Murthy and it is an “Okay” type. Adithi Chengappa has taken the Anjali character, Karna is by Venkatesh Harinathan and Arjun by Arjun Chidambaram. Madhumitha could try to bring a good story that attracts the audiences.

Overall it is not a very good story that should be compulsorily watched.