Plot: Kavalan is romantic Tamil film regarding the love story of a bodyguard and his boss s daughter. Bhoominathan (Bhoomi) is appointed as the bodyguard of lan

Kavalan Movie Review

Kavalan Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Kavalan"
Runtime: 2 Hours 40 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 15-01-2011
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
3.5 / 5.0

Plot: Kavalan is romantic Tamil film regarding the love story of a bodyguard and his boss’s daughter. Bhoominathan (Bhoomi) is appointed as the bodyguard of landlord Muthuramalingam when he comes under threat from his enemy who has also caused a danger to his daughter, Meera’s life. Bhoomi is asked to be with her in the college to keep a watch on her, but she finds it awkward and annoying and so she plans to divert him. Meera along with her friend Madhu makes a plan to distract Bhoomi by pretending to be a girl Ammukutty who is in love with him, and they speak to him on the phone. Though initially, he ignores, later Bhoomi too falls for Ammukutty and even after numerous efforts they are not able to meet each other. Bhoomi is however still unaware that it is a prank being played by Meera. With time, she too starts liking Bhoomi but is unable to reveal the truth and so she decides to elope with Bhoomi.

Muthuramalingam comes to know about this plan, but Meera convinces her father that Bhoomi loves another girl and not her. However, he still sends his men to keep an eye on Bhoomi and who the girl with him is and to kill him if there is nobody with him. To save his life Meera sends Madhu to the station and gives her a phone through which she can contact Bhoomi and tell him the truth. When they see Madhu with Boomi, they leave the station. What follows is the climax which one cannot reveal.

The story takes a leap and is the time when Muthuramalingam is ill. Bhoomi goes to meet him along with his son Sidharth where he finds Meera still unmarried. Sidharth somehow persuades Meera to accept him as her son and to come along with them, and she does. The suspense is whether Bhoomi is ever able to know who his lover was or not and even if he does, how does it happen and what has happened to Madhu?

Analysis: The story is an uncomplicated romantic story that has an unexpected twist. It is an entertainer, but apart from that, it has nothing big to offer. The story by Siddique is acceptable but nothing great except for the sudden twist at the end. Sometimes the film also seems to be lost like the person who caused a threat to Muruthamalingam and Meera’s life disappears all of a sudden. However, Siddique as the director can put the movie in proper pieces and make it entertaining.

The only negative point is the timing which makes it too long and tiring. It moves at a very slow pace, and it would be much better if the last sequence would be cut short. Apart from that, Siddique can bring out the best in the film. All the technical aspects are also appreciable. N. K. Ekambaram has done the cinematography which is impressive. The music by Vidyasagar is also appreciable and suits the demands of the film well enough.

Star Performances: Vijay as Bhoomi makes a big comeback with this movie. One thing that makes the film work is Vijay’s excellent command on screen, his spontaneity, and the perfect comic timing. The role stands ideal for him, and he gives it his best shot. Throughout the film he does a very applauds able job but he does his best in the last scene which is an emotional climax.

Asin as Meera does a good job but she does not excel as much as Vijay does. Sometimes she just seems lost and disinterested. At certain parts the two have put up a good on-screen chemistry but mostly they fail to do so. Vadivelu as Ammavasai has also handled his role very well with perfect screen and comic timing. Others including Rajkiran and Mithra Kurian Mithra Kurian is a film actress from Kerala. She >> Read More... Mithra Kurian also do their best.

What’s there? 

1. The film has a pleasant, romantic story, and brilliant representation.

2. Besides having a touching story, it also excels at the emotional content.

What’s not there? 

1. The story is very predictable with the suspense also hardly surprising.

2. It is very long, and the film moves at a slow pace. It drags a lot. A faster track would be more attractive and crispier.

Verdict :The film is a sweet and relatable love story. One gets to watch the power-packed performance by Vijay and his commendable acting. It is surely not to miss.