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Japan is an action comedy thriller scripted and directed by Raju Murugan. Dream Warrior Pictures produced the film. Ravi Varman cranked the camera, and Philomin

Japan Movie Review

Japan Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Written by Vartika Gautam
Review for the film " Japan"
Runtime: 2 hrs 0 min
Certificate: UA
Released: 10-11-2023
Genre: Comedy, Drama
2.5 / 5.0

Japan is an action comedy thriller scripted and directed by Raju Murugan Raju Murugan was a writer, journalist, and screenw >> Read More... Raju Murugan . Dream Warrior Pictures produced the film. Ravi Varman Ravi was born in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. By profess >> Read More... Ravi Varman cranked the camera, and Philomin Raj Philomin Raj is an Indian industry film editor who >> Read More... Philomin Raj edited the film. “ G V Prakash Kumar In Indian cinema, there are very few singers and m >> Read More... G V Prakash Kumar ” composed the music. The film features Karthik Sivakumar Karthik Sivakumar, or popularly known as Karthi, i >> Read More... Karthik Sivakumar , Anu Emmanuel On 28th March 1997 (age 20) at Chicago, Illinois, >> Read More... Anu Emmanuel , “ K S Ravikumar Director KS Ravikumar(KSR), started his career in >> Read More... K S Ravikumar ,” Jithan Ramesh Jithan Ramesh is a Kollywood actor and producer an >> Read More... Jithan Ramesh , Sunil Varma Vagai Chandrasekhar, Vijay Milton SD Vijay Milton is an Indian director and cinemato >> Read More... Vijay Milton , Mohammad Irfan Born on July 1, 1984, in Gangolli, Karnataka, Moha >> Read More... Mohammad Irfan and Bava Chelladurai.


A famous jewelry shop loses Rs 200 crore worth of jewelry in a heist. The police department guesses that the person behind this heist is the notorious thief, Japan. Soon, the Home Minister Home Minister belongs to the game show genre. Zee >> Read More... Home Minister orders to solve the case quickly. When the cops rounded up Japan, he denied that he has no connection with this heist. Who is involved in the heist, really? Was Japan telling the truth or lying? The rest of the story follows it.

Star Performance

Karthi fits well in the character, as usual. His body language and dialogue delivery are fantastic, and he gets appreciation from the audience for his portrayal. Vijay Milton has got a good role and his performance is wonderful. We have seen him cranking the camera and directing the movies, and for the first time, we witness his acting excellence. Sunil did his job better. Anu didn’t have much to perform.


When we heard that Raju Murugan would direct Japan with Karthi, we thought it would be a message-oriented subject with dark comedy. But, Japan is a complete commercial entertainer, though it has some message behind it. However, the screenplay should have been better with its writing. As far as we see, Raju Murugan failed to utilize some talented people like KS Ravikumar. Ravikumar is one such natural actor who could excel in any role. We feel his talent is not appropriately used in this film. However, Karthi’s potential was perfectly utilized, and hence, his fans had some whistling moments. GV Prakash’s music is decent. The visuals are good, but the VFX needed more attention.

What’s There?

  • Karthi’s performance is good
  • The music and visuals add some positive points to mark’s table

What’s Not There?

  • The screenplay could have been better with some swiftness
  • Some actors are not utilized properly


Overall, Japan is a medium-paced action comedy thriller that may go well with Karthi’s fans and heist thriller fans.