Guru Uchaththula Irukkaru is scripted and directed by ldquo B Dhandapani rdquo The film has the star cast of Guru Jeeva ldquo Aara rdquo ldquo Pandiaraj

Guru Uchaththula Irukkaru Movie Review

Guru Uchaththula Irukkaru Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Guru Uchaththula Irukkaru"
Runtime: 2 Hours 03 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 24-11-2017
Genre: Comedy, Drama
1.5 / 5.0



Guru Uchaththula Irukkaru is scripted and directed by “B Dhandapani.” The film has the star cast of Guru Jeeva, “ Aara,” “ Pandiarajan,” “M. S. Bhaskar,” Imman Annachi, “ Sriranjani,” Namo Narayanan, Nadodigal Gopal, Crane Manohar and Thalapathy Dinesh. M Dhanashanmugamani produced the film under the banner Best Movies. Dhalapathy Krushy cranked the camera and Taj Noor composed the songs and the background score. Bigg Boss Snehan” and “ Pa Vijay” penned the lyrics.


Virat and his friends have no work and are just roaming around. In fact, Virat’s job is to follow Tamil Selvi. But, Tamil Selvi didn’t accept his love. However, Virat didn’t lose his hope and followed her. One fine day, Tamil Selvi tells Virat that if he finds a job and earns, she would accept him. Uthamaputhiran is an MP, who has a lot of unaccounted money. He sends his driver to keep the money in a safe place, as he was supposed to have an IT Raid. The driver, who carried the money keeps it in a safe place, but before revealing it to the MP, he dies. Virat comes to know about this and moves to the place with his gang. At the same time, another group is also joining them in the money search. Who are they? Did any of the gangs get the money? To know the answers, watch the film in theaters.

Star Performance

Guru and Aara have given their best as the newcomers. Pandiarajan, M. S. Bhaskar and Imman Annachi have worked in the comedy part but the sequence irritates the audience.


Although the basic plot is interesting, the director didn’t design it well. Although he has cast a group of senior comedy stars, he hadn’t used them properly and hence their comical performance didn’t impress the audiences.

What’s There?

  • Veteran stars’ presence is the biggest plus for the newcomers
  • Music by Taj Noor is okayish

What’s Not There?

  • The film is not visually sound and it looks just like a school stage drama
  • Comedy by the veteran stars didn’t bring laughs but irritates
  • Script, screenplay and the execution are up to the mark


Guru Uchaththula Irukkaru doesn’t have anything special. If you don’t have any films to watch this weekend, give it a try.