The director Dharani has proved himself third time that he is still at the top number From entertainment to romance to comedy to thriller Dharani has never

Gilli Movie Review

Gilli Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Gilli"
Runtime: 2 Hours 48 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 17-04-2004
3.5 / 5.0

The director, Dharani, has proved himself third time that he is still at the top number. From entertainment to romance to comedy to thriller, Dharani has never left the race and given the best movies to Tamil Film industry. The movie’s story is referred from a Telugu movie, Okkadu, but this is an improved version of enjoyment.

Plot: Sivasubramanian ( Ashish Vidyarthi) is Assistant Commissioner of Police in Chennai. His son, Velu (Vijay), aspire to become a kabaddi champion. For this reason, Sivasubramanian does not love his son, as he did not concentrate on his studies, whereas, his mother ( Janaki Sabesh), loves him. His younger sister Bhuvana (Baby Jennifer), is the intrusive and sharp schoolgirl, who enjoys creating troubles between Velu and his father, but admires him. Muthupandy ( Prakash Raj), who is a cruel leader of Madurai, is infatuated with Dhanalakshmi (Trisha) and wanted to marry her at any cost. Muthupandy killed the two brothers of Dhanalakshmi as they tried to reject their marriage. Seeing all this, Dhanalakshmi’s father asks her to leave this place and go to her uncle’s house in the U.S. and live a peaceful life there. He gave her the important certificates and some money. Unfortunately, Dhanalakshmi becomes unsuccessful in leaving as she takes the lift from the truck owned by Muthupandy.

On this point, Velu saves Dhanalakshmi from Muthupandy, as he was there in Madurai for a kabaddi match. Velu brings Dhanalakshmi to his house in Chennai and takes her to his room. He wanted to keep this as a secret from his family, so he tries to manage the visa, flight tickets and passport to U.S. for Dhanalakshmi, taking help from his friends. In the meantime, Sivasubramanian had the responsibility to find out Dhanalakshmi and her kidnapper, given by Muthupandy and his father, who was the Home Minister. Velu and Dhanalakshmi escape from his house and hides in a lighthouse. She has now started loving him, and Velu’s mother and sister had accepted her. Therefore, she was unwilling to go U.S. but Velu, with his friends, drops her to the airport for her flight. He then goes to play kabaddi against Punjab in the final of the National League.

On investigating, Sivasubramanian comes to know that his own son has done the crime. His level of anger raised on seeing his son playing the finals of kabaddi, despite being a criminal. So to arrest him, he goes to the stadium. On the other side, Velu was missing Dhanalakshmi as he too started loving her and he was not able to focus on the match. But, as soon as he sees Dhanalakshmi in the stadium, his focus returned, and he won the championship. After the match, Sivasubramanian was about to arrest his son but Muthupandy stops him and wanted to have a fight with Velu. He was defeated by Velu and at the end, he dies. Velu takes Dhanalakshmi in his arms.

Analysis: The journey of Dharani from Dhill to Gilli has improved to an extent as he planned and maintained the level of his movies. Dharani has maintained the interest by giving us a three-hour entertainment package. Though the story is taken from the Telugu movie, an improved screenplay is seen in the film.

Star Performances: Vijay’s performance in this movie has taken him to the level of superstardom. He has performed the action scenes brilliantly. Trisha’s role is not very much attracting. She is shown as the simple girl who does nothing except smile, cry, dance and run. As always, Prakash Raj is to be considered as next lead role after Vijay. He has obtained the hearts of many by his acting, as he always does.

What is there? The credit for the film’s success undoubtedly goes to the stars who played their characters very well. The film is entertaining and had not given a single chance to distract its viewers. The planning for the climax was very well-decided with the Ganesh Chaturthi procession and the Kabaddi tournament. The comic timing and the dialogue delivery skills of Vijay have improved a lot this time. There are many scenes in the movie which should not be missed.

What is not there? The story is not so new but the picturization has surely made it a fresh story.

Verdict: This movie is a hit, because of his entertainment, story, screening, actions, acting, comedy and many more things. It is the full paisa-vasool film and must be watched in theaters.