A short Malayalam movie dealing with the hardships of modern day life faced by the normal average man Plot lsquo Vikalpam rsquo is a movie which is set i

Vikalpam Movie Review

Vikalpam Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Vikalpam"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 01-07-2016
Genre: Drama
2.5 / 5.0



  • Music Director:
  • Jithin Janardhanan
  • Editor:
  • Athul Janardhanan
  • Director:
  • Radhakrishnan Pallath
  • Movie-Actor:
  • Ashwin Kumar
  • Krishnendu
  • Movie-Actress:
  • Supporting Actor:
  • Art Director:
  • Prince Thiruvarppu
  • Lyricist:
  • Sreekariyam Syam
  • Director of Photography:
  • Executive Producer:
  • Shiju Swami
  • Dialogue Writer:
  • Radhakrishnan Pallath
  • Associate Director:
  • Toni Thomas
  • Production Company:
  • Souhrudha Creations
  • Production Controller:
  • Sadanandan Aranmula
  • Story Writer:
  • Saraswathi
  • Makeup Artist:
  • K Kutty Puduppariyaram
  • Public Relations Officer:
  • Aymanam Sajan

A short Malayalam movie, dealing with the hardships of modern day life faced by the normal, average man.

Plot: Vikalpam’ is a movie which is set in the Palakkad district of Kerala. The movie centers on the advancement and growth of the small agricultural community and area. There are various themes which are worked upon in the movie. The one aspect which links all the sub-plots and the themes is the social relevance of the ideas. Dealing with the complexities of survival, the plot focuses on the quickly transforming world of today. The strained family ties and the ever increasing gaps between people are covered in the most realistic manner.

Children, the so-called future of the country but their actual present is in danger when they are forced to leave their villages and move to urban areas for work at tender ages. The movie tells the story of the plight of these children beautifully in a heart-wrenching narration. The differently abled children are considered to be God’s special gifts, but it is not so in the real world. ‘Vikalpam’ tells the story of the dilemma that these children go through during rehabilitation and then settling down in the society.

Analysis: In a first of its kind attempt, the officers of the revenue district of Palakkad, Kerala, have come together to put up a great show and prove that cinema is a medium not only for entertainment but also to educate the people and bring the real issues on the forefront. The story written by Saraswathi Peringottukurissi, is a sincere effort by the people at the base level about the actual life, as it is, without the rose- tinted camera frame.

Star Performances: Child actors have received critical acclamation for their work in the film,’Vikalpam’. Ashwin, Krishnendu, Bamini, and others have delivered heartfelt performances.

What’s There:

1. The movie brings to light the harsh ground reality of the country.

2. The movie gives forth beautiful, soulful music sung by Jayachandran and a special venture into this musical world by revenue employee, Santhosh Kesav.

3. The visuals are captivating.

Verdict: ‘Vikalpam’, unlike another movie is not just for the sake of entertainment but for the sole purpose of exposing the quandary of modern day life and man’s constant struggle to balance everything. The movie is a must watch.