Malik is scripted and directed by Mahesh Narayanan. Anto Joseph produced the film. Sanu Varghese cranked the camera, and editing is by Mahesh Narayanan. Sushin

Malik Movie Review

Malik Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " Malik"
Runtime: 2 Hours 41 Minutes
Certificate: TBD
Released: 15-07-2021
3 / 5.0

Malik is scripted and directed by Mahesh Narayanan Mahesh Narayanan is an Indian writer and film edit >> Read More... Mahesh Narayanan . Anto Joseph Anto Joseph is famous for producing spectacular fi >> Read More... Anto Joseph produced the film. Sanu Varghese Sanu Varghese is a cinematographer in India, who h >> Read More... Sanu Varghese cranked the camera, and editing is by Mahesh Narayanan. Sushin Shyam Sushin Shyam is a playback singer. He is related t >> Read More... Sushin Shyam composed the music. Fahadh Faasil Born in 1983, Fahadh Faasil is known for his works >> Read More... Fahadh Faasil , Nimisha Sajayan Nimisha Sajayan is an Indian Actress. She works in >> Read More... Nimisha Sajayan , Vinay Forrt Vinay Forrt, the Malayalam actor, was born in 1983 >> Read More... Vinay Forrt , Joju George Joju George was born on 22nd October in 1977. He w >> Read More... Joju George , , “,” “ Indrans Indrans, who was born as K. Surendran, is a Malaya >> Read More... Indrans ,” Dinesh Prabhakar Dinesh Prabhakar, whose birth name is Dinesh Nair, >> Read More... Dinesh Prabhakar , Sanal Aman Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sanal Aman , Parvathy R Krishna, Rajesh Sharma Rajesh Sharma is an Indian actor. His work is pred >> Read More... Rajesh Sharma , , Parvathi T Psychologist by profession Parvathi is familiar to >> Read More... Parvathi T , Sudhi Koppa Sudhi Koppa was born in Kerala, India. He is an ac >> Read More... Sudhi Koppa , , Amal Rajdev Amal Rajdev is a Malayalam director cum actor who >> Read More... Amal Rajdev , Divya Prabha Divya Prabha is an Indian Actress who majorly work >> Read More... Divya Prabha , Appani Sarath Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Appani Sarath , Jolly Chirayath Jolly Chirayath is an Indian supporting actress. S >> Read More... Jolly Chirayath , Chandunath, and Nisthar Sait Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Nisthar Sait are cast.


Sulaiman Ali Ahammad had been a stubborn person and is against the corruption in Ramadapally, the coastal village. When he was on his way to the pilgrimage to Haj, he was arrested under TADA and was remanded for 15 days. As he disturbed some corrupted politicians, they planned to finish him off in jail. Sulaiman’s nephew Freddy was sent to jail to kill Sulaiman. Was Sulaiman able to save himself from the upcoming danger? The rest of the story deals with it.

Star Performance

Fahadh is excellent in his role, Malik. His expressions are admirable. Nimisha, who looks like the girl next door, does her part well, as usual. Dileesh Pothen, Joju George, and Indrans are natural actors, and they add value to the film with their performances.


The director has brought a good plot, and there is no doubt in this. But, not all the scenes are crisp and impressive. The movie seems to be stretchy in certain scenes and tests the patience of the audience. That doesn’t mean it is boring; those scenes could have been developed well. The cast selection is good, and the supporting stars really did a good job and brought some worth to the film with the leading stars. The cinematography by Sanu is impressive. The BGM by Sushin gels well with the story.

What’s There?

  • Good star cast and excellent performances
  • The film is technically sound

What’s Not There?

  • Certain scenes could have been crisply made


Although it is not a unique story, the film showcases how a person is targeted when he leads a society with supremacy.  The performances of the stars are perfect, and that makes the audience sit throughout the film. Malik – Watchable once!