One boy- one girl both meet fall in love face problems because of being from different cultures conquer every difficulty and then live happily ever after Fo

Hadiyya Movie Review

Hadiyya Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " Hadiyya"
Runtime: 2 Hours 24 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 14-07-2017
1.5 / 5.0



One boy- one girl, both meet, fall in love, face problems because of being from different cultures conquer every difficulty and then live happily ever after. Following this Chain of sequences,Hadiyya is a typical mainstream romance movie. It has nothing new to its storyline, and we wonder where people get so much money to invest in such crass movies. Although, it has a good message that love should never be based on religion. It fails to deliver the message with impact.


Hadiyya translates to “A gift” but it certainly is not a gift for the viewers. The film opens up with the protagonist Sarah ( Ragini Nandwani) helping the people as a nun wearing tons of makeup and false eyelashes. She meets Bramanandan (Nishan) an architect from other community, and before they realize they are head over heels in love with each other. A few meetings and songs later begin the process of convincing each other’s families. While both their respective families agree to them marrying each other, the condition laid before both of them is that they should convert to one religion and so they decide to choose Islam. In the process of treating all religions with equal importance, the director Unni Pranav turns the whole movie into a long narrative. Suddenly a new character Khadija (Leona), whose story runs in parallel to that of the lead pair’s, gets pushed to the front and adds to the confusion.


The actors look super dumb and either overact or are stone-faced throughout. The storyline was good and would have worked if it had a nice cast and better direction. The music is good but not up to the mark.


As an aristocratic mother, Urmila Unni delivers a good performance as Brahmana’s mom. In the Comic department, actors Lukman, Jayakumar and Kottayam Pradeep manage to evoke a few belly laughs. You forget the performances of the rest of the cast as soon as you leave the theatre.

What’s there?

• Drama, Action, Romance, Comedy you name the thing and it is in the movie

• Few soundtracks are soothing

• The film has a good message if you dare to watch it with such depth.

What’s not there?

• If you are someone who relishes good acting then this movie is not for you, all the lead actors are plain and expressionless

• The director seems in a rush to complete the movie.


Watch Hadiyya only if you have too much spare time in your hand, and don't mind getting bored.