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Toby is a Kannada action and drama film released in 2023. Basil Alchalakkal is the film s director, and Ravi Rai Kailasa is the producer. Raj B. Shetty is the s

Toby Movie Review

Toby Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Written by Ankhi Basu
Review for the film " Toby"
Runtime: 2 hours 35 minutes
Certificate: TBD
Released: 25-08-2023
Genre: Thriller, Drama
3 / 5.0



  • Director:
  • Basil Alchakkal
  • Actor:
  • Raj B Shetty
  • Actress:
  • Samyukta Hornad
  • Chaithra Achar

Toby is a Kannada action and drama film released in 2023. Basil Alchalakkal is the film’s director, and Ravi Rai Kailasa is the producer. Raj B. Shetty is the story writer, and Praveen Shriyan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Praveen Shriyan is the cinematographer. Midhun Mukundan Midhun Mukundan is an Indian Musician, and compose >> Read More... Midhun Mukundan composed the music, and Nithin Shetty edited the film.

Raj B. Shetty, Chaitra Achar, Samyukta Hornad Films made in the four major South Indian language >> Read More... Samyukta Hornad , and Raj Deepak Shetty Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Raj Deepak Shetty are the leading cast. Gopalkrishna Deshpande Gopal Krishna Deshpande is an Indian film actor wh >> Read More... Gopalkrishna Deshpande , Bharath GB, Yogi Bankeshwar, and Sandhya Arakere Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sandhya Arakere play supporting roles.


The film revolves around Toby (Raj B Shetty), abandoned by his parents. He lost his voice due to an incident in his childhood. Father Iglesias (Yogi Banekshwar) of a nearby church shows affection to him and calls him Tobia. He grows up and adopts a girl named Jenny (Chaitra Achar). He becomes a part of the criminal world of Anand Anna ( Deepak Shetty Deepak Shetty is an Indian Film Actor. He works in >> Read More... Deepak Shetty ), who becomes a powerful man from a local meat seller.

The film starts with the police officer Sampath (Bharath GB) taking charge of the Tamas Katte Police station. Jenny visits the police station and becomes angry with the police officers for not finding her father, Toby. Sampath decides to investigate the case. He asks Father Iglesias but finds no clue. He also meets Savithri, a sex worker who was in a relationship with Toby. On investigating further, the police learn about Anand Anna, for whom Toby worked. 

Where did Toby go? Is Anand Anna behind his disappearance? What wrong Anand did to Jenny? Will police inspector Sampath be able to find Toby?

Star Performance

Raj B Shetty gave a mind-blowing performance. He has no dialogue in this film but impresses the viewers with his expressions. The scene in which he falls in love with Samyuktha Hornad is impressive. Moreover, the scene in which he apologizes to his daughter is heart-touching. Raj also impresses the viewers with his action scenes. From innocence to violence, he shows all the emotions in the right proportion.

Samyuktha Hornad delivered a fantastic performance. Her dialogue delivery and expression are superb. She tried her best to make the film impressive. Deepak Shetty perfectly executed his part. He looks terrific in the character of a powerful criminal businessman.

Chaitra Achar looks decent on screen. She impresses the viewers with her one-liner dialogues. Bharath GB gave a powerful performance. He shows all the characteristics of a determined police officer.


The film does not belong to any genre. It has little traces of everything. The first half entertains the viewers through some comedy. The second half is emotional and filled with climax. The outstanding cast performances and the technical aspects hold the film firmly. The cinematographer captures all the precious moments beautifully. The music enriches the crime, action, and emotional elements. There are two songs, and they match the film perfectly. 

However, the film has various weaknesses. It runs very slowly. The introduction of Toby in the first half appears to be stretched. The climax in the ending fails to fulfill the expectations of the viewers.

What’s There?

• Toby’s life and disappearance.

• Funny scenes in the film’s first half.

• Emotional scenes.

• Fantastic performance by Raj B Shetty.

• Action and crime scenes.

• Good direction.

• Superb music and cinematography.

What’s Not There?

• The film runs slowly.

• Ending is not as expected.

• The film does not create much excitement.

• Minor technical glitches.


Toby makes the audience laugh in the first half and emotional in the second half. The cast of this film did really well. You should watch Toby.