The director V Sudhakar Shetty has totally worked hard for this one This story is a great combo of drama action romance The youth would love this movie as

Prema Pallakki Movie Review

Prema Pallakki Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Prema Pallakki"
Runtime: 2 Hours 21 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 18-12-2015
Genre: Action, Romance
3 / 5.0



The director, V Sudhakar Shetty has totally worked hard for this one. This story is a great combo of drama, action, romance. The youth would love this movie, as it is easily relatable as per the plot of the picture.

Plot: This movie wholly depends on the story of a boy, Prem, and his fight for his love, Pallavi, and Karate. So, Prem is a young, warm-blooded guy who is a college drop out and keeps a keen interest in Karate. He wants to fulfill all his wishes to win the State Level Karate Championship. He is very self-assured about his love for Karate. But as every story has a little twist, he now meets Pallavi and is very much attracted to her. Now, Pallavi is often the visitor of his dreams, and he cannot concentrate on his Karate career because of her. He eventually falls in love with her and so is she.

Now, at some point of the film, Pallavi seems to push him off a hill, and now Prem is injured. Ever since Pallavi doesn’t come to meet him and there is no trace of her. So, Prem, being in love with her, turns to be obsessed with her and keeps on searching. He convinces his friends to find her out. Prem now gets into bad habits of drinking and smoking. But soon realizes his responsibility and turns out winning the State Level Karate Championship. Now the whole story is about whether he finds his love or not?

Analysis: When it comes to drama, who wouldn’t want a film, full of actions? Here it is, stunts directed by a well-known action choreographer Peter Hein, who did choreography in blockbusters like Bahubali, Ghajini, Agent Vinod, etc. The romance going on here is truly epic, as our hero continues the search for his true love.

Star Performance: Our hero Vikram (Prem), did quite a good job when it comes to acting as a Karate lover. His moves were breathtaking. Of course, the stunt choreography is also amazing, directed by Peter Hein. This movie comes under the banner of Nisarga Pictures and is also distributed by them. B.A. Srikanth did the screenplay. H.N. Gangadhar did the production work and also wrote the story. Vineet Raj Menon gave the music. Nagarjun D. did the cinematography, which is well appreciated.

What’s There?

• Beautiful Songs, and a strong script.

• Worth watching drama and romance.

• Hard work of the cast and crew is reflected efficiently.

What’s Not There?

• A little confusion created during the twist in the movie.

Verdict: Beautifully scripted story with an enchanting romance.