Aake is a horror movie which is going to hit the box office by its script cinematography and acting itself Plot It is a story of a daughter of the royal f

Aake Movie Review

Aake Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Aake"
Runtime: 2 Hours 11 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 30-06-2017
Genre: Horror, Thriller
3.25 / 5.0



Aake is a horror movie which is going to hit the box office by its script, cinematography and acting itself.


It is a story of a daughter of the royal family of India who has been shifted to London’s mental asylum. The story begins with this truth, later on, it changes to the thriller and horror mode whole mental asylum became horrible. Simultaneously a story of a lady also goes on and at the end, the movie reveals the relation among both the stories. Actor Shiranjeevi Sarja faces that ghost and tries to find out the reality. Also, there is an interesting part of the story, that the narration style of the movie is different. In the movie, the author named Kate wrote the novel about that royal girl and the movie is entirely based on it. To understand the relation of two ladies or different stories in the movie, must watch ‘ AAKE’.


KM Chaitanya is a well-established director of the Kannada film industries. He has received many awards for his films and of course, he gave his best for AAKE. It is a well-directed film by KM Chaitanya and is getting a good response from the audience.

Star Performances

Chiranjeevi Sarja has performed so authentic and commendable in the film.

Sharmiela Mandre comes up so beautifully on screen, her appurtenance is so flawless, intimate with her role.

What is there in the movie?

• Cinematography and execution have perfectly synchronized each other in the movie.

• The script is brilliant and well-formed according to the cast and the genre of the film.

• The movie is containing pristine horror.

What is not there in the movie?

• Suspense is not that much smooth, it should have gone more with the flow.

• Acting is superb but the horror is less, it could have been more scary.

• The relevance of Aake with the royalty is not justified.


This movie is impeccable horror, if you are a thriller and a horror lover, must watch ‘AAKE’.