Tell Me O Kkhuda is a drama film about Tanya a successful writer who finds out that she is adopted and goes on a journey to locate her real parents Directed a

Tell Me O Kkhuda Movie Review

Tell Me O Kkhuda Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Tell Me O Kkhuda"
Runtime: 2 Hours 10 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 27-10-2011
Genre: Drama
2.5 / 5.0

Tell Me O Kkhuda is a drama film about Tanya, a successful writer who finds out that she is adopted and goes on a journey to locate her real parents. Directed and produced by Hema Malini, this film is said to be the unofficial remake of Hollywood blockbuster ‘Mamma Mia!’. She went on to great lengths to this movie to carve a niche for her daughter Esha Deol, in Bollywood.


Tanya (Esha Deol), a successful writer, accidentally finds out that she is adopted. The backstory is that there has been a fire at the hospital where she was born and a police officer & his wife (Farooq Sheik & Deepti Naval), takes pity and adopts her as they don’t have children. With a washed out hospital tag, some paper clippings as clues, and the info that her father’s name starts with A, she sets out on a journey to three geographical locations. First, she goes to the colorful Rajasthan to meet Abhay Pratap ( Vinod Khanna), a Hindu King. Then she travels to picturesque Turkey to get acquainted with Altaf Zardari ( Rishi Kapoor) and his wife. She also goes to a mafia leader Tony aka Anthony (Dharmendra) and his ex-love-interest Suzie (Hema Malini). Her best friend ( Chandan Roy Sanyal) and her love interest ( Arjan Bajwa) accompany her. The film is all about her expedition to spot her daddy dearest and what she experiences associating with those three people. Did she finally discover her real parents? Who, among the three, who is her dad? Watch the movie to get the answers.

Star Performances

Esha Deol does an okay job playing Tanya, although she shines at places. Chandan Ray Sanyal is believable as her best friend, and Arjan Bajwa is cute as Tanya’s love interest. Rishi Kapoor and the Turkish actress playing his wife are a delight to watch. Dharmendra is hilarious as the mafia leader. The crackling chemistry between him and Hema Malini is so evident. The duo’s scenes with Esha come out realistically, thanks to their offscreen family relations. Vinod Khanna, Farooq Sheik, and Deepti Naval do justice to their roles.


Hema Malini wears many hats and does a laudable job. The production values are high. The direction is okay. The cinematographer has given some stunning visuals, especially of Turkey. Pritam’s music should have been a bit more evocative to match the film’s mood. The film drags in parts but is a sweet and emotional ode to the parenthood.

What’s there?

1. Fine Star Cast
2. Sweet Story
3. Stunning visuals

What’s not there?

1. Crisp Editing
2. Better Music
3. Better Actress for the lead role


Watch Tell Me O Kkhuda for an honest attempt to showcase emotional bonding between parents and children. This is not as perfect as Mamma Mia! But the effort is praiseworthy.