Queen Movie Review Hindi
Movie story for the film "Queen"
Runtime: 2 Hours 26 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 07-03-2014
Genre: Romance, Drama
3.5 / 5.0

Vikas Bahl has directed the movie Queen and is produced by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures. The movie has a female lead which makes it entirely different.


The wedding between Rani Mehra ( Kangana Ranaut) and Vijay ( Rajkummar Rao) is called off by him due to his business-oriented mindset which he feels will not set for Rani. Rani, who is shocked for a day about it, decides to go to Paris, their honeymoon trip. Rani finds it tough to manage alone in the Paris and gets her passport stolen by a thief. She gets help from Vijaylaxmi ( Lisa Haydon), a hotel worker, and gets back the passport. When they are out for the shopping one day, she sends a selfie of her outfit to Vijay instead of Vijaylaxmi in mistake. From Paris, she moves to Amsterdam and stays in a hostel with three guys- one from China, one from France and one from Russia. Meanwhile, Vijay comes in search of her to Amsterdam. Rani gets closer to these three guys and wins a cooking competition there. After few days, Vijay finds Rani and asks her to marry him. Is Rani accepting his proposal and marrying him? Is how the story moves.


The movie is amazing since it is very different from other movies due to the female lead in it. Also, the non-linear screenplay makes it more interesting without slowing down the pace of the movie. The visuals are amazing and colorful. It has impressed every of the audience. Star Performance Kangana Ranaut has been at her best in the movie. She has acted in an authentic way which made every women audience live with the character. It has been a very good performance by her. Also, Rajkummar Rao has acted with an innocent face in the entire movie which made it funnier.

What’s there?

1) A non-linear screenplay that is not complicated.

2) A good piece of acting from the casts.

3) Nice visuals.

BWhat's not there?

1) The movie is a bit dry though it kept moving.


A pleasing treat for the weekend.