Not A Love Story is inspired by the true events related to the murder of Neeraj Grover in 2008 Mahie Gill portrays Anusha Chawla who leaves her boyfriend Rob

Not a Love Story Movie Review

Not a Love Story Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Not a Love Story"
Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 19-11-2011
Genre: Crime
2 / 5.0

Not A Love Story is inspired by the true events related to the murder of Neeraj Grover in 2008. Mahie Gill portrays Anusha Chawla, who leaves her boyfriend, Robin Fernandes (played by Deepak Dobriyal) to go to Mumbai to become an actress. She faces continuous disappointment but strikes luck with Ashish Bhatnagar, who signs her for a lead role in a film. While celebrating her success, one thing leads to another and Anusha and Ashish end up in bed at her home. Robin, who comes to her house to surprise her the next day, is enraged by the scene that he walks into and kills Ashish. With Anusha’s help, Robin cuts his body into several pieces and disposes of it. A couple of days later, Anusha, along with her friends, notifies the police about Ashish being missing. During the investigation, the police suspect Anusha and torture her till she confesses. The couple is arrested, and the film follows their trial and how the justice system is manipulated.


It is always difficult to take up such a controversial real life incident and tastefully adapt it into a movie, and it is precisely this obstacle that Ram Gopal Varma faces in Not A Love Story. RGV’s obsession with placing the camera in the unlikeliest of positions and loud background music is just unappealing and distracting and affects the movie negatively. Having said that, the handling of the story is engaging at certain points and attempts to (and to an extent succeeds) showcase the emotional journey that the protagonist couple goes through. But in totality, the movie falls short by quite a distance in entertaining the moviegoer.


Deepak Dobriyal and Mahie Gill who play the protagonists are decent in their portrayal of the murderer couple. They are the focus of the movie and could have capitalized on this in a much better way. Special mention to Zakir Hussain who plays the police officer as his performance is one of the bright spots in this otherwise lackluster movie.


 RGV’s unique brand of filmmaking which can be either a positive or a negative depending on the way you look at it

  The focus on the emotional struggles of the characters


The dizziness-inducing camera angles and loud jarring background music make for an uncomfortable movie-watching experience.

 The lead characters don’t deliver to the extent that they could have.

Some issues are left untouched and are not dealt with in detail even though they are crucial to the plot.


Not A Love Story, as the name suggests, is not at all a love story but a tale of two lovers who end up murdering a man and has to suffer the consequences of it. Unless you are an avid RGV fan, it probably will not be very appealing to you.