Plot There are a lot of girls missing To find these girls a former cop puts all the efforts he can only to get shocked to know the motive behind these abduct

Murder 2 Movie Review

Murder 2 Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Murder 2"
Runtime: 2 Hours 07 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 08-07-2011
Genre: Romance, Thriller
3 / 5.0


There are a lot of girls missing. To find these girls, a former cop puts all the efforts he can only to get shocked to know the motive behind these abductions.


Murder 2 is a prequel of the franchise movie Murder by Mahesh Bhatt. It is different from the dominating theme of the movie that came before it. It is filled with thrilling aspects and elements that can be disturbing at times. It'll be a roller coaster of emotions from some troughs to some curves.

Star Performances

The lead actress of the movie, Jacqueline Fernandez is certainly beautiful and good to look at, but she does nothing more than bringing glamor to the movie. She is used only to bring eye candy and nothing else. Emraan Hashmi does a reasonably good job at his role and his wit combined with intensity brings great depth to the film. Prashant is clearly the scariest of villains. He has really proved his mettle at acting and has played his role with lots of conviction.

What you may like:

● The film is very well paced and has the potential to keep the audiences indulged and engaged.
● The movie is truly blessed with amazing and heartwarming music which makes the movie watchable.
● The film is themed to be dark and the directors have managed well to keep up with the theme and has handled it well.

What you may dislike:

● If you have seen the movie from which Murder 2 is inspired which is The Chasers, then you will find absolutely nothing novel and original.
● There is a lot of blood at times in the movie that makes it very disturbing and unfit for the ones who are weak at heart.
● There are glitches in the script and screenplay of the movie because it tries to be a thriller film mixed with erotica.


It can be a good one time watch for the darkness that this movie has.