A movie so well made with innovation novelty and honestly that it will make you forget that you are sitting in the theatre It will make you ponder how the dif

Makkhi Movie Review

Makkhi Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Makkhi"
Runtime: 2 Hours 27 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 12-10-2012
Genre: Action, Fantasy
4 / 5.0

A movie so well made with innovation, novelty and honestly that it will make you forget that you are sitting in the theatre. It will make you ponder how the differently human mind works and gives the thought ‘out of the box’ a new dimension.

Plot: The primary leads Nani and Samantha are irrevocably in love with each other. Unfortunately, they never express themselves to each other. They keep their feelings suppressed. Sudeep, a billionaire, also falls for Samantha and wants to have her by any cost. But he realises that she is in love with Nani. This fact gets him disappointed. Looking at their fate, the moment Samantha shows her love to Nani, he is killed by Sudeep. Later Nani is born as a fly. Doesn’t this sound interesting enough to want you to watch this movie?

Analysis: The movie is spectacularly directed with the right effects needed. Neither does it tend to be boring at any point of time nor does it have any complexity involved. The entire movie based on an insect will blow up your mind. The writing is cleverly done, and the screenplay is magnificent. The computerized insect has fulfilled the need for a human. The cinematography is top class. Songs also become a favourite. And the Hindi dubbing is bang on. Star Performance Nani has exhibited flawless acting, and Samantha has complemented him perfectly. A round of applause to Sudeep for carrying out the most complicated and challenging role with such dignity.

What is there?

1. Not the usual kind of a story.

2. Reincarnation theme is well captured.

3. Electrifying background scores.

4. Widely imaginative with the subplots too being well directed.

What is not there?

1. Not much of Nani seen in the film.

Verdict: A landmark in Indian Cinema, Makkhi is definitely going to make you fly once you’ve watched this beautiful piece of art. One would remain awestruck after this brilliantly made film.