Plot Meera and Jai are in a relationship and are living in London Coming from the modern world they are both free minded When having to choose between car

Love Aaj Kal Movie Review

Love Aaj Kal Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Love Aaj Kal"
Runtime: 2 Hours 08 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 31-07-2009
Genre: Romance, Comedy
3.5 / 5.0

Meera and Jai are in a relationship and are living in London. Coming from the modern world, they are both free minded. When having to choose between careers and love life, they mutually decide to break up but remain good friends. After going to India, Meera begins to reciprocate feelings for her boss, Vikram while Jai stays in London and has another girlfriend, JO. 
There are two stories running parallel here, one of Jai and Meera and the other which a restaurant owner, Veer Singh narrates to Jai. He talks to him about how his love, Harleen who moved to Calcutta, and he went all the way to see her. He describes various events of his love story as similar ones are happening in Jai and Meera’s life. Jai decides to visit Meera in India. Both of them go about as friends and Meera discovers that she still had feelings for him. When Jai is about to leave, Vikram proposes to Meera and on talking about this to Jai, she gets upset with him and asks him to leave. Jai gets his dream job in San Francisco, and he happily moves there. He begins to lose interest in it and one day while in a fight, he realizes his love for Meera. On returning to India, he comes to know that Meera had left Vikram long ago. He visits her workplace, and the two come together. On the other hand, all this while Veer and Harleen’s story goes on and in the end even they get married. 

In the beginning it looks like a monotonous movie with relationship and breakups, but it eventually moves on to be not so common. The parallel stories of the past and present are very well carved. It shows the common people in love stories and the journey of two couples that is very similar and only differs in their times. The confusion created in the minds of Jai and Meera is very common and it is what the audience can easily connect with. Love Aaj Kal can be called a normal love story portrayed with an unusual outlook.
Star performances:
Saif Ali Khan’s double role as Jai and young Veer makes the two eras more relatable. He easily transforms from a modern guy to one in the older times. Deepika Padukone as in her movies earlier, fits well into the modern independent girl role. No element of awe or surprise is seen in her acting though. 

What’s there? 
The locations- London, San Francisco and India give the movie a more appealing look. The only surprise element in the movie was Neetu Kapoor, in the last scene, as Harleen Kaur.

What’s not there? 
The songs and dances don’t live up to the expectations. Songs such as 'Twist' don’t fit well into the location and the scene.

A great love story. Young audiences will be able to connect more to the story. Perfect watch for a hangout with friends or a date night.