What this Highway has in store for you Read more to find out nbsp Plot Veera Tripathi Alia Bhatt is the daughter of an affluent business magnet When she

Highway Movie Review

Highway Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Highway"
Runtime: 2 Hours 13 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 21-02-2014
Genre: Drama, Romance
3 / 5.0

What this Highway has in store for you? Read more to find out.


Veera Tripathi( Alia Bhatt) is the daughter of an affluent business magnet. When she is at a fuel station after her wedding with her fiance, she is kidnaped by a gang of kidnappers who want ransom in exchange for her. Little do they know, she has a disturbed childhood and, surprisingly, she starts bonding with the leader Mahabir ( Randeep Hooda). A series of events follows after this development.


Highway is a unique movie. It has potential in its story. The chemistry between Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda is very difficult to understand at first, but then it is quite convincing later on. Some strangers searching for redemption is the story of Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Highway’. The movie has varied amazing locations and shooting premises in store for viewers. However, we have a beautiful looking movie with a small soul. You can say that the ‘highway’ of the movie is no smooth road, but a rough terrained ride indeed. Imtiaz Ali’s favorite plots are the ones that happen on the road, where character’s hair are ruffled by the wind, and their faces are shot from various angles with varied expressions as the vehicle moves on the road.

Star Performances:

Alia Bhatt has a completely changed aura around her. After ‘Student of the year’, she has managed to accomplish a new role for herself, albeit, a bit shoddy. She isn’t really convincing as Veera, who had a disturbing childhood after an event in her life. In some scenes, she gives a superb performance, but in some, she just doesn’t feel like she’s into it. Randeep Hooda on the other hand gives a good performance as a gut wrenching, hard conditioned gangster, who later on develops a soft spot for Veera.

What's there?

1. There are a lot of scenic views in the movie.
2.  Emotional quotient is high.

What's not there?

The plot of the movie is not quite up to the mark. 


Highway is a good one-time-watch with its spectacular cinematography and direction and good acting by the protagonists.