Plot Arjun Rampal is a lawyer in Mumbai who decides to leave the defense of his client after he sees the pain the victims parents are going through and is th

Fox Movie Review

Fox Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Fox"
Runtime: 2 Hours 25 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 04-09-2009
1.5 / 5.0




Arjun Rampal is a lawyer in Mumbai, who decides to leave the defense of his client after he sees the pain the victims parents are going through and is therefore disbarred. Then he relocates to Goa, where he meets McNamara, who gives him an unpublished book named ‘Fix the Fox’ to read. Arjun loves the book, and when he goes to meet McNamara, to talk about the book, he finds out through the constable that McNamara is dead. Arjun publishes the book, under his own name. The book becomes famous, and the book makes him famous too! Shortly after, he is arrested by a cop, who pins the fault of 5 murders on him. How will he be able to rescue himself?


This movie could have been a great suspense thriller and starts out great too, the audience are captivated and engrossed in the movie, and just when the movie reaches nice heights, the director Deepak Tijori goes the good old Bollywood way, unnecessary songs, romantic angle, slowing down the pace of the film. This Fox isn’t that smart! The first half gives two clues in to who is the culprit and into 15 min after the interval, it can be basically confirmed. After that, you are just watching a movie, whose ending you already predicted. The most annoying part is that the writer fails to give the villain a credible motive and hence the whole plot looks superficial.

Star Performances:

Arjun Rampal and Sunny Deol remain restrained throughout the movie and give a very efficient performance. Sagarika Ghatge gets a major role after her stunt in Chakde India, and she bags it, her acting is perfect and thoroughly believable. Udita is okay, but she goes missing for half part of the movie.

What Is There?

1. A suspense thriller, where if you don’t guess the suspense, you will be glued to the seats to know how the ordeal will end.

2. The movie is fast paced and will keep your attention.

What Is Not there? 

1. The suspense is a bit predictable.

2. The wrier should have done a better job to make the motives of the villain clear.

3. The direction is not that good and could have been done better.

4. The cinematography is average.

Verdict: A fast paced movie which can be seen by anyone who enjoys suspense thrillers.