Plot Meghaa Banerjee is a small town girl from West Bengal She earns a scholarship in the University of South Wales in Australia to pursue her Master rsquo

From Sydney with Love Movie Review

From Sydney with Love Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " From Sydney with Love"
Runtime: 2 Hours 18 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 31-08-2012
Genre: Romance
1.75 / 5.0


Meghaa Banerjee is a small town girl from West Bengal. She earns a scholarship in the University of South Wales, in Australia to pursue her Master’s degree in economics. She has to leave behind the protective shell of her family and embark a journey of new friendships, new love. Will Meghaa be able to adjust to new environment and embrace the new love?


The plot is really messy and has lots of loopholes. Stuffs like the freshmen and the seniors attending the same classes seem unacceptable. To top it off, it seemed to keep twisting the plot to keep the audience interested, but it weighed down the film and led to a boring story, making us wonder when it would end. The editing is horrible, and the 2 and half hours of the movie isn’t justified at all. The plot drags on and on, and some scenes are unnecessary and make us wonder how they made it through the editing process. Random songs and scenes are added to lengthen the plot, yet the relationships between the main characters aren’t explored completely, which doesn’t make sense. The story takes the route taken 1000 times before. The cinematography is beautiful as they managed to capture Australia perfectly, and the songs too were well shot.

Star Performances:

All actors give an efficient performance. Bidita Bag is good enough and pulls off her role well. Prateek Chakravarty, also being the director, has fewer scenes. Sharad Malhotra is good as the hero Rohit, and his character is believable. Evelyn Sharma and Karan Sago are okay.

What is There?

1. Awesome cinematography captures beautiful sights.

2. Some fun moments, which put a smile in your face and makes you nostalgic about your college life.

What Is Not There?

1. Cuts are not made; the movie drags on and on and on with unnecessary scenes.

2. The movie is highly predictable; you will know how is it going to end right through the start.


Watch this movie for some fun moments and a few nostalgic moments, but overall if you aren’t a fan of a sloppy love story which doesn’t have a good plot, skip it.