Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal is a story of hope The characters in this drama fight a battle of hope through relationship pride and their dreams It also raises the i

Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal Movie Review

Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal"
Runtime: 2 Hours 47 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 23-11-2007
Genre: Drama, Sports
2.5 / 5.0

Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal is a story of hope. The characters in this drama fight a battle of hope through relationship, pride, and their dreams. It also raises the issue of racism and fanaticism. The movie is basically about the final attempt of a South Asian football club in England to fight out for its existence and protect its home ground.

PLOT The movie is about bankrupt South Asian football club in England, Southall United, which is facing a crisis in survival as the team has not won a game in last 20 years. Thus, the city council decides to build a shopping complex. Shaan (Arshad), a kebab shop owner in the locality, takes the responsibility of saving the team and the ground by building a potent team. Thus the team would win the football league championship that would get them a prize money of three million pounds. Also, it will see them through the lease of the ground for 30 years. An ex Southall player, who is depressed and disesteemed, Tony Singh ( Boman Irani) joins the team as a coach. Shaan and Tony begin to work the worn out team. The team is a mess and is not performing even fairly in practice matches against lowly ranked teams. Then there is Sunny Bhasin (John), an exceptional football player, whose dream to play football for England crashes when his club does not select him. This decision was taken not by skills but skin color. Seeing his exceptional football skills and the injustice meted out, Tony decides to get Sunny in his team and finally succeeds in doing what the team members. Especially Shaan does not like Sunny because of his attitude and also because of his love affair with Shaan’s little sister Rumana ( Bipasha Basu). After initial glitches, Sunny finally joins the team, and the team starts performing well. And they win practice matches thus entering the league with glaring hopes. The team performs very well as the league becomes an underdog in the tournament. Towards the end of the league, the city council realizes the importance and contribution of Sunny in the team’s performance. There is prevalent fear that the team might win the cup and thus retain the ground. The council offers a great package to Sunny in return for his quitting the team. Sunny also accepts. What happens next? How will the team react to this? Will Southall United be able to save their ground now with just two games in the league remaining?

REVIEW The film is a sports drama but seems more of drama and emotions than sports. Unlike a movie like Chakk de India, this movie is more centered on the non-sporting issues like racism and emotions than sports. So a fan of sports drama genre wouldn’t find this movie interesting. The first ten minutes of the movie sets the tone and the theme of the movie without much fuss and gives the movie a perfect kickoff. But then, the movie dips. The scenes become lengthy to stretching, and this affects the pace of the movie. It eventually hits a low and then ascends unfailingly till the first hour of run time ends. The viewers are awestruck and with a promise of the powerful second half. The second half of the movie brings the movie back to its track. The drama and the sports get exciting in this half and though this half too has its low, the pace and the beautiful last 20 mins of the film makes up for that. The journey from the interval to the climax is well structured. The last 20 minutes of the film make up for most of the lows of the film. It is beautifully shot and executed and sets the heart pumping. It is inspiring, exciting and the occupies the mind of audiences.

On the acting front, both John and Arshad shine. The movie has John’s one of the best performances and handles his expressions and football very well. He makes himself fit for the role. Arshad is in fiery form. He is an actor who can carry any role with panache, and this role is no different. Boman Irani, yet again, is top notch and gives a fine performance. Anyone could have played his character in one dimension, but restores life in Tony Singh. Watch for his roar at intermission point or the uneasiness he displays every time his team is on the field. Bipasha also has played his part well. Raj Zutsi has done fine acting, and the rest of the cast are also good. Direction, on the other hand, is not up to the mark. The dragging first half, poor song selection ( Billo Rani- which does not go with the mood of the film) and a film take on a critical situation in the movie say a lot about the direction. VivekAgnihotri tries to combine style with substance but eventually fails in it. The camera work by Attari Singh Saini is awesome, and his camera movements in the football matches are exemplary. Music is good. The anthem of the movie is very good one beautifully depicts the spirit of the movie.

THUMBS UP - A fine performance by the lead actors and the supporting cast. - Awe-inspiring final 20 mins of the film. - Astounding cinematography. - Cute love story between Sunny and Rumana

THUMBS DOWN - The dragging first half. - Billo Rani. - Direction. - Predictable clichéd moments.

VERDICT The movie has ups and downs, with more ups than down. The cast performance is outstanding, but the director disappoints. A drama film with elements of sports and so die hard sport film lovers can make a pass on this one. Otherwise, it is a one time watch for others mainly because of the penultimate 20 mins of the film.