PLOT Khalujaan Naseeruddin Shah and Babban Arshad Warsi are two great friends but also thieves Khalujaan participates in an urdu-poetry competition orga

Dedh Ishqiya Movie Review

Dedh Ishqiya Movie Review Hindi
Movie story for the film "Dedh Ishqiya"
Runtime: 2 Hours 32 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 10-01-2014
4 / 5.0


Khalujaan ( Naseeruddin Shah) and Babban ( Arshad Warsi) are two great friends, but also thieves. Khalujaan participates in an urdu-poetry competition organized by the Nawab’s widow, Begum Para, in a quest to woo her and to win her heart. Babaan comes to take his friend back with him, but instead, he, himself is entangled in the web of love with the Begum’s dark and mysterious friend and assistant, Munniya. Then begins the journey of these four characters, where they run from each other and from everyone, trying to masquerade the truth. In the end, love prevails and all the hatred is kept at bay.


The acting of these experienced actors is beautifully intertwined with Urdu poetry, dark comedy, and thrill. The movie is a poetic journey in which everyone has their own secrets, but all these flaws make their love strong enough as they fight for it against the world, and against the will of the time. The small inputs of dark humour adds a little more art to this beautiful film.


All the actors portray their role with all the sincerity. The characters are brought to life by their acting and the audience literally feel each and every emotion projected . Naseeruddin Shah and Madhuri Dixit, as trained and experienced actors they are, do justice to their role and certainly bring depth to their characters. Huma and Arshad lift up the bar by their own skills and all together, make this movie a piece of art.


1) The flawless acting of the actors.

2) The storyline of the movie is unique, and thus, interests the audience.

3) The music of the movie is soothing.

4) The input of dark humour and urdu poetry makes this movie a piece of art.


1) The film appears to be a little lengthy and gets gritty towards the end.


It was hard for us to find flaws in this movie, because well, it is surely a piece of art. Go and watch this movie if you have a thing for dark comedy and romance.