PLOT The movie revolves around the showbiz and the well-known Page 3 life A small town girl Shalini Dixit Mahi Khanduri finds herself caught in this vic

Dee Saturday Night Movie Review

Dee Saturday Night  Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Dee Saturday Night"
Runtime: 2 Hours 19 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 21-02-2014
Genre: Drama
1 / 5.0


The movie revolves around the showbiz and the well-known Page 3 life. A small town girl, Shalini Dixit ( Mahi Khanduri), finds herself caught in this vicious circle of lights and fame, and struggles to keep her middle class values retained. On the other hand, ACP Dhoble, a policeman with morals, tries his best to show the misguided girls the path of honesty and encourages them to lead a respectful life.


The movie tries to take up a cliché topic of how people caught in the vicious circle of showbiz fall prey to adultery, the escort business, sex, casting couch experiences, and drugs, typically like a Madhur Bhandarkar movie. The story line is repetitive and the weak performances by the actor fail to make an impression on the audience.


The actors fail to deliver a satisfactory performance and their shallow acting makes this movie a terrible watch.


1) The movie tries to throw life on the darker side of the showbiz business.

2) The script is satisfactory.


1) Failed attempt at acting by the artists.

2) Predictable storyline.

3) The theme is cliché, and well, we have seen better movies than this on the same theme.

4) Bikini-clad women with hot bodies are what you will mostly see in this movie.

5) Lacks proper cinematography.


If you have nothing to do and boredom is killing you, well, talk a walk. It will be better than wasting your time on this movie. Definitely not worth a watch.