Sonakshi Sinha Starrer ldquo Akira rdquo is an Action- Drama Film and an A R Murugadoss directorial venture has received positive mouth talk from the audien

Akira Hindi Movie Review

Akira Hindi Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Akira Hindi"
Runtime: 2 Hours 19 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 02-09-2016
Genre: Action, Thriller
4 / 5.0

Sonakshi Sinha Starrer “ Akira” is an Action- Drama Film, and an A.R. Murugadoss directorial venture has received positive mouth talk from the audience. Actually, the Interesting thing to know before moving to the crux of the film, is Akira is the remake of the Tamil super hit male-centric film “Mouna Guru” and Murugadoss scripted for Akira Movie.

Plot: Akira is a Female oriented film, on the contrary, this film is the remake of male-centric Tamil film “Mouna Guru” and Murugadoss has made changes in the script to impress and in such a way to suit the Bollywood style. Sonakshi Sinha is playing the role of Akira Sharma who is a good-looking, Calm, Innocent college girl and is very much interested in her studies.

She is brave enough to fight against the odds which she faces regularly and finds herself in a wrong situation every time. Once she lands in a problem with the corrupted Police officers and the problems, she faces during the process of proving her innocent forms the crux of the story.

Analysis: Sonakshi Sinha's performance as a protagonist is awesome, and she clinched each and every scene with her acting skills which engaged the audience in the theatre. Many Action sequences were scripted in the movie and Sonakshi has given her best and worked a lot for the fighting sequences as she has to perform various stunts which are hard to do even for men. Akira’s father played a huge role in the film towards her life; He makes sure that his daughter is brave and do not tolerate any injustice or any evil thing that happens in the society.

Akira was brought up in that way, and she do not tolerate injustice from anyway and in the process, she meets lots of problems and even gets irritated with those and starts fighting against the opposition for a good cause without being calm and isolated from the society. Audience lauded her great effort incorporated in the stunts and her courage in fighting against the corrupted police officers single-handedly.

People on watching the film described it as her career best performance and the hard work paved of now for Sonakshi Sinha as critics are busy in predicting the Box-office collections. Dialogues of the movie are striking every mass lover, and her beautiful on-screen presence made fans go crazy.

Star Performances: The fighting and action King of Bollywood Akshay Kumar and the gorgeous Rai Laxmi made their special appearance in the film, and even Akshay promoted for the film a few days back. Konkana Sen Sharma's acting remained as a highlight of the movie says the audience and also Teena Singh, Anurag Kashyap, Atul Kulkarni played a critical part in the success of the movie. Finally, Sonakshi herself robbed the hearts of the people with her stunning stunts and performance.

AR Murugadoss scripted the movie and made sure that it mingles with the Bollywood taste and style. Another important aspect to discuss is the film’s Background score hit by John Stewart Eduri, and Cinematography of RD Rajesekhar is also Lauded. Karan Singh Rathore scribbled dialogues for the movie.

What’s there?

1. Great and inspiring story which brings awareness among the people.

2. Complete Mass Entertainer with adequate action sequences.

3. A female-centric movie with a beautiful message for girls and this flick will surely inspire them to feel brave in the tidy and awkward situations.

4. Brilliant Choreography and good production values.

What’s not there? 

1. Well, it is quite hard to pen anything in this section for this film, as it is soo good.

2. Entertainment aspects would have been more.

Verdict: A Very good and inspiring film to watch for every girl, and for the corrupted one’s, it actually teaches a lesson. You can enjoy this weekend with family and can re-energize your confidence and courage.