Aisha is centered around a girl Aisha Sonam Kapoor who believes she can be a match-maker between her friends hitching them together We have watched Sonam Kap

Aisha Movie Review

Aisha Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Aisha"
Runtime: 2 Hours 06 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 06-08-2010
Genre: Romance
2.5 / 5.0

Aisha is centered around a girl Aisha( Sonam Kapoor) who believes she can be a match-maker between her friends, hitching them together. We have watched Sonam Kapoor play such happy go lucky roles earlier too. This too is a shadow of the same.


Aisha(Sonam Kapoor) believes that she can play cupid amongst her friends and can play a vital role in bringing the lovebirds together. Her neighbor/friend Arjun( Abhay Deol) rebukes her for doing so stating that she must not intervene with someone’s personal lives. But unperturbed Aisha carries on with her match-making heroics.

Aisha tries to play hero again as she tries to build relations between her friend and a nice shop owner. But things take another turn as she discovers that one of her friends has feelings for her and proposes to her leaving her bewildered.

More troubles turn up as she gets into a fight with her friend as she states that love cannot be forced upon someone, and it come naturally. Offended and hurt by this she tries to contemplate things, but things just do not get better.

Finally, she realizes that she has been pompous enough to hurt her friends and also realizes that she has fallen for Arjun. Aisha leaves her cupid act and apologizes for her behavior and mends everything and the movie ends on a happy note.


Aisha could have been much better as the concept was nice but due to mediocre acts from Sonam and the rest the movie pans out, and sadly you get a feeling of abandoning it midway. We have seen many movies involving this concept, but they were far better, cinematography and editing are quite decorative, and that might catch your fancy.

Of course, I would mention Cyrus Sahukar, who occasionally lightens up the scenes with his comedy, and this might appeal to the audiences as well. The cupid playing could have been polished further for more interesting scenes that would have built out of it. Nevertheless this movie is proves a stalemate in spite of hard efforts from Sonam Kapoor and the rest who support her.


Sonam though has not performed to her full extent but still manages to win your heart with her innocence and lively acting.

Abhay Deol is another worthy mention here who digs deep into the character given to him and portrays it with ease and spontaneously.


1. Cinematography has been quite well and binds up the mood a little bit, and screenplay is also energetic.

2. Sonam shows energy in some places that might please the audience plus Abhay Deol displays his composed acting skills.

3. The conclusion ends on a sweet note.


1. Sloppy screenplay that results in the boredom of the audience.

2. Predictable scenes in the film that has no excitement.

3. The story could have been better.


Aisha is okay as long as you have not seen such movies before and want to get a taste of relationships being built by a girl who enjoys it as if it is her profession. But for those who already have watched movies much more entertaining than this just read this review and be done.