Cinema Line Universal Pictures Plot A laboratory turned is into an ambitious theme park by Simon alongside Claire Zach and Gray went in for a tour to meet t

Jurassic World 2015-Movie Review

Jurassic World 2015-Movie Review English
Review for the film " Jurassic World 2015"
Runtime: 2 Hours 05 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 12-06-2015
3.6 / 5.0

Cinema Line: Universal Pictures

Plot: A laboratory turned is into an ambitious theme park by Simon alongside Claire. Zach and Gray went in for a tour to meet their aunt Claire. Entangled within the vicious attack of the “indominus rex,” the hybrid and improved version of the T-Rex. As Owen warned the higher officials to stop developing such species, Claire ignored everything. Claire asked Owen to help find her two missing nephews into the depths of the theme park and bring down the said monster at the same time. They were able to put back to safe kids in the middle of the outbreak of the Pterodactyls. At the death of CEO Simon, Hoskins took over to be the head of containment team and use other vicious monsters – Raptors to bring down the indominus. Owen is the only man who can control them; he went in with the team and successfully brings down the indominus.

Considering this story is mixed with most wonderful part of history of Earth, before they become extinct. This movie gave me everything what I’m looking for from the previous sequels of it, Of course, bigger, brighter, louder, mightier dinosaurs. Also, this time I got my wish to have the complete theme park operational with people along with it. The futuristic “bubble car” and the “maglev train” all coincided with this movie. The conflicts, or shall I say total chaos moving to safety more than twenty thousand tourists, not including staffs out of the island. Number two, rescuing Claire’s nephews and last control the raptors and bring down the indominous.

The movie is as beautiful as the trailer gave out. Specifically on the “splash” part feeding time of “mosasaur.” This movie gave us enough reason for geneticists of our time to stop their dream as Dr. Wu exhibited in his character to bring back these creatures to life. How easy it is to understand that animals cannot live along with humans. What more do we expect mixing dinosaurs with us. Also, it is true that greed will imprison us all, worst it could kill us. Simon portrayed by Irrfan Khan, gave a very good lesson for rich dreamers out there, who just wants to earn money and fame. We may see ourselves with the character of Claire. She forgot that, family and love can be as important as with her career.

Some critics might say that, this is just a waste of time and money. For me, director and everyone, who is part of this film, must be applauded for creating such entertaining movie. Plus the success of mixing lessons in our lives, know how our family is important, friendship and love. This is one of the most high profile films of this year, one of the most awaited, and brought our fantasies into reality inside one juggernaut movie. Viewers were not looking Oscar winning performance in this movie. In fact, they worked overtime for this, as a part of their publicity; they created two educational websites for this movie. You know, what are the feelings of parents seeing their children become interested with Jurassic Era? This movie did it for us. Viewers were expecting changes of what we saw more than a decade ago. What are the changes in the story of this movie that it makes more unique and not just a sequel that will just bore you.

Cast: Chris Pratt – as Owen Grady

          Bryce Howard – as Claire Dearing

Nick Robinson – as Zach Mitchell, Claire’s nephew

          Ty Simpkins – as Gray Mitchell, Zach’s younger brother,

          Claire’s nephew Vincent D’Onofrio – Vic Hoskins

Irrfan Khan – as Simon Masrani, owner of Jurassic World

B. D. Wong – as Dr. Henry Wu, Chief Geneticist in Jurassic World.

Jimmy Fallon – as safety instructor, cameo appearance.