Get Low is a story about a mysterious hermit and his love confessions This movie is directed by Aaron Schneider and scripted by Chris Provenzano Gaby Mitchell

Get Low Movie Review

Get Low Movie Review English
Review for the film " Get Low"
Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 30-07-2010
Genre: Drama, Mystery
4.25 / 5.0



Get Low is a story about a mysterious hermit and his love confessions. This movie is directed by Aaron Schneider and scripted by Chris Provenzano, Gaby Mitchell, and Scott Seeke.


Robert Duvall, a hermit, plans to come out of his hideout, with an idea of making a funeral party for himself. Bill Murray, the funeral parlor's owner, gets happy when he is approached by Robert with huge cash. During the funeral event, he is forced to confess to the love of his life. When everyone thinks that it was Sissy Spacek, an old widow, Robert says that Arin Logan, Sissy's departed sister, was his only love. He also reveals the mystery behind Logan's death. Soon after his confession, he passes away.


The director marvels in giving the 1930s feel throughout the movie. He also concentrates in the narrative part of the movie. He manages the balance between the silence and the dialogues beautifully. Each of his characters possessed a good portrayal. His characters were made to speak at the right time, and when they speak, the dialogues are powerful. The characters are complete, and the art of storytelling is beautifully used in the movie. The balance between the genres of drama and humor creates a heartfelt impact on the audience. 


Duvall does magic with his role. He aptly delivers the expression, either humorous or dramatic, based on the situation given. His timing sense is unblemished. He perfectly gives us all the expressions that a guilt-ridden person would have. Bill Murray is a partial antagonist. Though he is one of the sources of humor, he displays some devilish aspects as well. Spacek takes charge of the dramatic genre of the movie.


The locations used are very genuine. Even the cars, buildings, and other properties are concentrated in depth; they are so apt for the movie. The aesthetic beauty of the landscapes captured is mesmerizing. But it did not distract the audience from the story and was at its limits. 


The background score fails to impress us, whereas the music gains our attention to some extent. Though the score seems to be powerful on screen, it is not memorable. The music gives the genuine feel of the thirties. 


Get engrossed in the story and feel the pure cinema.