Paul Dhinakaran Condemns Sri Lanka Terror Attack!

Sunday, April 21st, 2019

Paul Dhinakaran Condemns Sri Lanka Terror Attack!

When the entire world is celebrating the Easter, the terrorist attack on Sri Lanka came as a great shock. Popular churches and the hotels are targeted and nearly 207 people are killed and 600+ are admitted to the hospitals following severe injuries. Paul Dhinakaran Paul Dhinakaran is an evangelist and the Chancello >> Read More... , the Indian evangelist, released a statement condemning the cruel attack on the churches and the stay places. He commented, “I was to travel to Sri Lanka this week. I am deeply distressed over the death of our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. I strongly condemn the dastardly act of killing people on the Resurrection day and pray for the healing of the injured as well as the comfort of those who have lost a loved one. May God heal Sri Lanka too!

Dr Paul Dhinakaran

Chancellor, Karunya

Founder, Jesus Calls, Seesha”