Top Ten Telugu Songs That Are Now Classics

Top Ten Telugu Songs That Are Now Classics  Telugu Article

Telugu is beautiful to hear and converse in. Some of the Telugu lyricists and musicians have done justice to the language by composing some of the most beautiful songs. These are classics, that will forever remain immortal in one's life.

10) Premante Suluvu Kaadu Ra


This song from the film Khushi, starring Pawan Kalyan Pawan needs no introduction to South Indian people >> Read More... Pawan Kalyan and Bhumika stirred their fans interest. While the flick was a hit, this song was even more memorable. People today watch t for its songs, this being one of the classic songs.

9) Raavoyi Chandamama


This was a song that parents used to sing to their babies to get them to sleep. It may evoke many childhood memories for the Telugus and is looked upon fondly by families, thanking the movie Missamma for the song it gave us.

8) Jagame Maaya


 This song from the film Devdas, has people of today mocking it, by singing it in a loud and funny manner to people who look dull, like love failures. But after getting past the mockery, this song is a classic because it was once loved by our parents wholeheartedly.

7) Kotha Bangaru Lokam Click to look into! >> Read More... Kotha Bangaru Lokam


The movie and the song, sharing the same title, captured people's hearts the moment it was released. It has a beautiful tune, evoking in the old and the new generation of the audience a sense of belonging.


6) Akasha Veedhilo


This old song from the movie Mangalya Balam rang in the minds of everyone who watched it in the olden days. But it's a forgotten classic, and only it's remake can reintroduce it to the new generation.

5) Happy Days


A movie where every student could relate to, people are still seen humming the lyrics of 'Happy Days.' When the film released, it was apparent that after a few years this song would become a classic. Now, it is in every student's song list.

4) Seethammavaatikalo Sirimalle Chettu

The song has the same name as that of the movie. With beautiful lyrics, smartly penned verses, this is a classic in itself. Even after many years, the film and the song are popular among the people.

3) Edo Oka Raagam

In the movie Raja, Soundarya is seen singing this song gracefully. While the song itself is beautiful, the presence of Soundarya in the song is a tribute to her life. This song remains to be one among the successful songs of the Telugu industry.

2) Edo Priyaraagam Vintuna

This is a beautiful song, starring Allu Arjun The actor was born to producer Allu Arvind and Nir >> Read More... Allu Arjun . With meaningful lyrics and a catchy tune, this song is played by people on their cell phones even today. No item song can replace melodious songs such as this!

1) Mounamgane Edagamani

While the tune of the song is iconic, the video of disabled people singing this song and playing music is one of the most emotional scenes that can make anyone shed tears. With such an impact, this song is not just a classic but a legend.