Top 10 Reality TV Show Judges In Malayalam

Top 10 Reality TV Show Judges In Malayalam Malayalam Article

1. ' Jagadish Jagadish, a veteran Malayalam actor and performer, >> Read More... Jagadish '

Jagadish, as we all know is a well-known actor in Malayalam film industry. But he is now well known for his judging role in the very famous reality TV show "". He is a front line judge among TV reality shows nowadays. He didn't appear in any other judging roles, other than in this show. He is the front face of the show nowadays.



Usha Uthup was not a well-known singer among Keralites. But when Asianet introduced her as the judge in their best reality show "Idea Star Singer", she became popular pretty quickly. She gave the show a new look, which helped her career and gave her a lot of opportunities in Malayalam film industry.


3. 'Sujith Vasudevan (Sharreth)'


Another famous judge from the successful reality shows, "Idea Star Singer." Sharath was a famous music composer in Malayalam movie industry. He was one of the best judges in any reality shows later on, due to his best performance in this show.

4. 'M. G. Sreekumar'


Sreekumar is another famous singer in Malayalam film industry, who was brought into the mini screen by none other than Asianet. “Idea Star Singer” gained by the introduction of this singer.

5. 'K. S. Chithra'


Chithra is one of the best singers in India. And her introduction into the mini screen will surely attract viewers. This was brilliantly done by Asianet by making her the judge in the famous TV reality show “Star Singer.”


6. ' Sujatha Mohan Sujatha Mohan (Sujatha or Baby Sujatha) is one of >> Read More... Sujatha Mohan '


Another great singer from Malayalam is another big judge in the mini screen world. She was the judge in the famous reality show “ Munch Star Singer Junior Munch Star Singer Junior is a popular Malayalam Mu >> Read More... Munch Star Singer Junior ” and was a real success. She was the judge of the show for many seasons, and it helped her to increase her fame.

7. Rimi Tomy Rimi Tomy Kizhakoodan, popularly known as Rimi Tom >> Read More... Rimi Tomy

Rimi Tomy is not among the legends in Malayalam music industry, but she is famous, and it helped her to enter as a judge in the reality show “Comedy Stars.”

8. Gopinath Muthukad Gopinath Muthukad is an escapologist, magician, mo >> Read More... Gopinath Muthukad

It was a very brilliant move from Asianet to make a magician as a judge in a kids reality show. Magician Gopinath Muthukadu was the judge in the reality show “Munch Star Singer Junior” and he helped the show by increasing its viewers to a great extent. The show was a great success when he was a judge in the show.

9. 'G. Venugopal'

“Munch Star Singer Junior” became a great show due to many reasons and Venugopal is one among those reasons. He was the leading judge in the show along with Sujatha. The show helped him by increasing his fame among Keralites.

10. ' Rajasenan Rajasenan is a Indian Film maker, writer, Singer a >> Read More... Rajasenan '

Rajasenan is a well-known director in Malayalam. He was the judge in the very first reality show in Malayalam, "Sallapam.” It was telecasted in Doordarshan and was a decent show. He was the front face of the show and did a great job in doing so.