Top 10 Zindagi Shows You Need To Watch Right Now

Top 10 Zindagi Shows You Need To Watch Right Now Hindi Article

1. ‘ Feriha Indian Television channel Zindagi is now releasing >> Read More... Feriha

Feriha is a Turkish origin story of a poor girl. She is the daughter of the caretaker of the building in which they live. Her mother does everyday chores. She gets a scholarship to top most college where mostly rich people come. Her life takes a turn when she meets the college playboy and the prince of nightlife, Emir Sarafoglu. She pretends to be one of them and lies to Emir that she is rich. They both gradually fall in love. The real turf begins when Emir finds out about her lies. Will he be able to forgive her?

2. ‘ Humsafar Humsafar is a Pakistani Drama series. It is direct >> Read More... Humsafar

Apart from the most handsome guy Fawad Khan and the beautiful Mahira Khan Mahira Khan or Mahira Hafeez Khan is a Pakistani a >> Read More... Mahira Khan , this show comes up with the most beautiful soundtrack. The story revolves around Ashar (Fawad) and Khirad (Mahira). Khirad is cousin sister of Ashar, but they both are forced to marry each other by their respective mothers, who is dying and has this last wish to see her daughter happily married, and father, who is in guilt for not taking good care of her sister (Khirad’s mother). They both have different personalities and are a mismatch for each other. Eventually, they both start to understand and like each other. But their happiness is short-lived because Ashar’s mother disapproves of their marriage and tries to create differences between them.

3. ‘Fatmagul’

Fatmagul is yet another Turkish serial which stole everyone’s attention. The story is about the protagonist, Fatmagul Ketenchi, who is raped by four men. Three of them, namely Selim Yasaran, Erdogan Yasaran, and Vural Namli, belong to the wealthiest families of Istanbul. The fourth man, namely Kerim, is the lead actor opposite to Fatmagul. He belongs to a middle-class family and lives in a village. He fell for Fatmagul since he first saw her but she hates him because of that ordeal. They are forced to marry each other by Yasaran so that everyone can be safe from the law. It is later discovered that Kerim did not do anything that night and was innocent. They both fall in love eventually, and Kerim thus helps Fatmagul report the true incident to the authorities and stands by her.

4. ‘ Zindagi Gulzar Hai ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ is a family drama of separati >> Read More... Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Zindagi Gulzar Hai highlights a common problem that any society faces, male chauvinism. It revolves around Kashaf ( Sanam Saeed Sanam Saeed is a British - Pakistani actress who i >> Read More... Sanam Saeed ) and Zaroon (Fawad Khan) who are poles apart from each other. They are like enemies of each other in college but later Zaroon falls for Kashaf and decides to marry her. After many ups and downs they get married but have a rough road ahead because they both are shown to be strong, independent, and egoistic to some extent. However, like any other story, they do get along with each other at the end. What is the most capturing part of serial is that it tells us how male dominated a society can be and how we need to stand against it for ourselves in a good way.

5. ‘ Numm Numm is a Pakistani language television serial tha >> Read More... Numm

Yet another Fawad hit, this show throws light on feudal laws and customs and how forcing those on anyone could result in unhealthy relationships. It revolves around three main characters, namely Wali Bakht (Fawad), Mahjabeen ( Sania Saeed For the Karachi born Pakistani TV actress Sania Sa >> Read More... Sania Saeed ), and Neelum (Kanza Wayne). It revolves around the love triangle of these three main characters and how it ruins so many lives because society demands the rituals to be followed. It makes us understand that with change in time we need to change our customs as well. Nevertheless, the show has a great soundtrack to long for.

6. ‘Jackson Heights’

The story is about few Pakistanis living in the Jackson Heights neighbourhood of New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York . It’s an American – Pakistani drama. It tells us about the hardships which Pakistanis face abroad. The protagonist Salma is tired of her life and its miseries. She awaits the day when they will all end. Imran, the male lead of the show also has a similar life to Salma. He is a cab driver and marries a local girl of New York. He faces problems in marriage as the girl does not respect him. When Salma and Imran meet they find a companion in each other.

7. ‘ Bilqees Kaur Bilquees Kaur is a Pakistani drama serial, which a >> Read More... Bilqees Kaur

It revolves around Balwant Kaur and Iqbal Bhatti. They have been living in New York since 30 years and lead a conservative lifestyle. They are tradition followers and thus get their son and daughter married into good Pakistani families. However, things change when their younger son, namely Sultan, marries Soha, who is bold and confident.

8. ' Daam Daam belonged to drama genre. It is originally a P >> Read More... Daam '

The story is about two close friends, Maliha and Zahra, who have been together for over seven years. Maliha belongs from a rich background and Zahra from poor. But their class difference had not been an issue to them until Maliha’s younger brother, Junaid, shows interest in marrying Zahra. Maliha disapproves of the match and pays daam to Zehra to get out of the marriage.

9. ‘ Ye Galiyaan Ye Chaubaara Zindagi TV channel had telecast the drama series ‘ >> Read More... Ye Galiyaan Ye Chaubaara

This show is about male dominance and how it affects everyone. It revolves around Zaroon and Falak. They both are neighbors and fall in love with each other. The main issue comes up with Falak’s father who doesn’t allow her to talk to any male. But Falak’s sisters are shown to be very supportive of them. The story depicts pain in this couple’s life and the hardships they had to face.

10. ‘ Shikkan Shikkan is a Pakistani TV show written by Samira F >> Read More... Shikkan

The story is about two sisters, Zeb and Natasha. They both are poles apart. Zeb is sweet while Natasha is blunt. They both have a rift between them. Natasha keeps on comparing herself to Zeb and is jealous of her. She later marries Natasha’s brother-in-law. She gets so insecure about Zeb that she even tries to kill her baby. But as in any other story, she realizes her mistakes, changes herself and they live as a happy family.