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Numm Hindi TV SERIALS on Geo TV
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Numm is a Pakistani language television serial that gets aired on GEO TV. The genre of the show is Drama and Social change. This serial gets started on 24th August 2013. The writer of the show is Myra Sajid Sajid Zaki, popularly known as Myra Sajid, is a pl >> Read More... , and the director is Ahsin Talish. The star cast of the show includes Fawad Khan, Sania Saeed For the Karachi born Pakistani TV actress Sania Sa >> Read More... , Kanza Wayne Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Usman Peerzada Usman Peerzada was born on June 24, 1950, in Lahor >> Read More... , Ahson Talish Aehsun Talish is a talented Pakistani actor, produ >> Read More... , Farah Shah Farah Shah is a Pakistani television actress and m >> Read More... , Munazza, Nasreen Shah, Malik Tanveer, Sitara, and Hashmir. The total number of seasons is 1 and the total number of episodes is 18.

The Running time of the show is 42-45 minutes approximately. This serial also gets aired in Indian on Zindagi TV and in India, it started on 31st July 2016 and had an end on 7th August 2016. The story of the serial focuses on the old traditions and myths which affect the triangle relationship between Fawad, Sania, and Kanza. The society with the influence of old thinking believes in the male dominant society. Fawad's father was the main decision-maker of the family.

The storyline sheds light on the complexities of societal norms and rigid traditions and their impact on relationships. The story revolves around the lives of three central characters- Wali Bhakt Khan, Mehjabeen, and Neelum. They struggle to maintain a balance between their personal lives and societal traditions. They get stuck in a web of complications. Wali Bhakt Khan plays a crucial figure in the family. He gets caught in the skepticism of right and wrong. He has fulfilled societal expectations by following the traditions, customs, and family obligations and maintaining his family legacy. Meanwhile, Mahjabeen gets pressured under the societal norms set for a woman. She comes from a conservative environment where her whole life is restricted. Despite facing struggles, the determination and resilience of Mahjabeen do not shatter. She represents the woman of the modern world who wants to live her life with freedom. Neelum is another central character in the serial who gets caught in a love triangle.  The trio struggles to bare the societal norms.

The storyline presents the complications of their relationship and how they challenge the conventions set. As the series continues, the audience explores the characters more precisely and captures their growth. Ahson Talish, who plays the role of Fawad Khan’s father, adds more depth and emotions to the serial. Numm takes the viewers on a roller-coaster filled with lots of emotions. The characters break the boundaries of traditions. They offer a fresh perspective to the viewers. It received mixed reviews from critics for its highly seasoned storyline and portrayal of societal issues. While some viewers liked the concept of the serial, others got offended by the presentation of the storyline. Overall, the serial was a revolutionary step taken by the writers and producers to address the drawbacks of the customs and norms set by society.


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