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Bilquees Kaur is a Pakistani drama serial, which aired on 15th April 2015 on Hum TV. Directed by Adnan Ahmed Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , produced by Momina Duraid   A phenomenal producer and a brilliant director, >> Read More... and written by Faiza Iftikhar Faiza Iftikhar is a Pakistani novelist, screenwrit >> Read More... , this TV show is very famous for its fantastic screenplay and mellow acting. Many critics favored this show due to the wonderful acting by Bushra Ansari Bushra Ansari is the daughter of noted Pakistani w >> Read More... , who played the role of Bilqees Bhatti.

This TV show as also aired in India, on Zindagi TV channel, 18th September 2015, but due to some copyright issues was renamed as Bilquees. In the script, her maiden name was Balwant Kaur, but after running away from her family and getting married, she had to convert into a Muslim. She had four, extremely rebellious, children Mumtaz, Sultan, Inayat, and Anshuman, who were cast as Nadia Afgan The mere mention of PTV (Pakistan Television Corpo >> Read More... , Ahsan Khan Ahsan Khan is a Pakistani actor born on 9th Octobe >> Read More... , Kashif Mehmood Kashif Mehmood is a prominent Pakistani actor and >> Read More... and Maheen Rizvi Maheen Rizvi, also known as Maheen Khalid Rizvi is >> Read More... respectively. Mumtaz, the eldest daughter, was married at the age of 16, to a man named Zia who always had a list of never ending demands. Sultan, the youngest son, tried very hard to be isolated from the family by running away and getting married to Soha, characterized by Syra Yousef. Inayat, who after marriage, didn't seem to care about his wife and neither did he love her, leaving her to have to deal with her hardships all by herself. Anjuman, who played the role of the youngest daughter, although seemed to be distant from boys and other such distraction much to her mother's glee, ended up running away with her boyfriend. Her husband Iqbal Bhatti married her just for her father's property. After realizing that he will not be given any of it, he told her to change her religion back to Sikhism. Sadia Imam as Parveen or Peeno, in the TV series, acts as Inayat's wife. Despite working incessantly at Bilquees' restaurant, she does not receive any respect from her husband, who used to spend all of his precious time at the bar watching other women.

Later on, in the show, Mumtaz, unfortunately, had to break up with her husband no matter how hard she tried to save their marriage. One good aspect of this show depicted via its script of how the writer manages to make the show very realistic. We may see Bilquees develop slowly into someone we can relate to due to the way her family used to treat her, but we notice that the change is a gradual one, and none too drastic at that. With time it does not take much to fall in love with her character, a lady who is trying very hard to ensure the well-being of her family. The drama show was shot in various cities like New York City, Lahore, Karachi, and Gujranwala.

The sets may not be elaborate but is not a let-down to our eyes. The character of Bilquees is depicted to be very traditional and narrow-minded at the beginning. Slowly throughout the serial, we realize the amount of sacrifice she has done to help this family. No doubt Bilquees likes being in control of them but never has she let her dignity down for this selfish family.


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