Top 10 Johny Lever’s Comedy Scenes

Top 10 Johny Lever’s Comedy Scenes Hindi Article

Johnny Lever Johnny Lever is an Indian comedy actor who came to >> Read More... (John Prakasa Rao Janumala) is taken into consideration to be the supreme hilarious comic person in the movie business. He is the one after Johnny Walker Johnny Walker is a comedian of Bollywood. His orig >> Read More... , Mehmood, His comic timings; facial expressions are simply exceptional and that’s the motive why even these days we shout out louder through merely his presence. Johnny has acquired thirteen Filmfare Awards nominations in the first-class comic category and has won the award twice. Until date, he has acted in more than three hundred Bollywood films.

1. Mela

Johny’s charisma from the movie Mela is an inspector. Well, arguably this is the most entertaining personality on the show.

2. Khiladi

In Khiladi, an Abbas Mustan directorial, the dialogue of the flickgot famous as Johny Lever essays the character of a South Indian narial vendor.

3. Hatya

This particular act is from the flick Hatya (a story about a man who finds a boy on the road, he takes him home. He quickly discovers that the boy's mamma has been slow and that he is the principal suspect.) Johny Lever’s personality as a blacksmith.The most amusing seen so far in this film.

4. Aamdani Atthani Kharcha Rupaiyaa  

In the flick Amdani Athani Kharcha Rupaiya, He essays the character of Appu Khote, a hopeless, dominating husband but a stupid man. Starring alongside with Govinda ,Tabu, Juhi Chwala and others.

5. Marathi

In this Marathi flick, He makes a cameo as a Nepali and the conversation turns to be a hilarious part of the movie, even still today it’s remembered because of him.

6. Baazigar

This specific scene is from the film Baazigar an Abbas Mustan directory; where Johny Lever portrayed the personality of Babu Lal, a house servant but has a convention of misremembering stuff.


In this flick, Johny Lever describes the role of a ‘German’, who take cash from the persons and do not return.

8. Rangeela

He plays a character named Rangeela, who has a desire for acting and continuously tries to excite people by his drama expertise.

9. Hadh Kar Di Aapne

In Hadh Kar Di Aapne, he essays a character of an attorney and is also seen in a dual nature.

10. Daraar

In Daraar a story about an affluent man, falls in adoration with a lady name Priya, a real estate agent, as soon as he meets her. When he intends to her for nuptial, he learns that she is already wedded, Johnny Lever essays the personality that gets irrational after attainment of alcohol.