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Top 10 Bollywood Films Where Female Lead Involves In Action

Author: Ramana Addala
Top 10 Bollywood Films Where Female Lead Involves In Action Hindi Article

Bollywood has been exploring several genres of films. One such is about female empowerment. All genders can be fierce when required. Here is the list of films where the female lead involves in action.

1. Mardaani

The film Mardaani shows the female lead in action to continue her mission. The Mumbai Police's Crime Branch Senior Inspector Shivani Shivaji Roy organizes a covert police operation to apprehend a pimp named Rahman from his hiding place. She stops an investigation after rescuing Pyaari, an orphan, from her uncle. A cartel that deals in both drugs and child trafficking is led by Delhi-based leader Karan Rastogi. Shivani takes on the situation by herself, trapping Karan in a cramped space and rescuing the girls. She challenges Karan to a duel, then turns him over to the girls, who kill him by trampling him underfoot.

2. Dangal

The film Dangal is about the real-life incident between Geeta Phogat Geeta Kumari Phogat was born on 15 December 1988 i >> Read More... and Babita Phogat. They turned out as strong wrestlers. Mahavir Singh Phogat trains his daughters in his improvised mud pit after realizing their ability as wrestlers. Geeta wins the junior and senior championships at the state and national levels. Geeta triumphs in the junior and senior championships, but after Babita points out her error, she reconciles with Mahavir. Pramod's ambitions of getting attention from the media are dashed when Mahavir helps Geeta win gold at the Commonwealth Games.

3. Akira

The film Akira is about a strong lady named Akira who is shown in action to take revenge. For attacking a lady, Akira Sharma is detained, found guilty, and placed in a remand facility; yet, over time, she develops into a fierce, defiant woman. She enrolls in a college and discovers a bag filled with stolen goods, but is murdered by Rane's cronies. Akira is transported to a psychiatric hospital, where she receives electric shocks to make her crazy. After engaging Rane and his companions in hand-to-hand combat, she is set free. She fights till the end.


4. Raazi

The film Raazi is about the actual incident of a girl who fought for India. Indian freedom hero Hidayat Khan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... wants to continue the family legacy by hiring his daughter Sehmat as an agent. Sehmat in Pakistan gains the family's confidence and is elevated to Major General. According to her, an attack on the Indian aircraft carrier INS Vikrant is planned as part of an onslaught against that country. In incognito, Mir travels to Sehmat and Iqbal to deliver a Pakistani escape strategy. She returns to India after realizing the value of connections and humanity in her work and learns she is expecting Iqbal's kid.


5.  Naam Shabana Click to look into! >>

The film Naam Shabana shows Shabana in action. Ajay Singh Ajay Singh is a Director and was born in Mumbai, M >> Read More... 's field agent Shabana Khan is observed by the agency because she works for him. Shabana offers to join a covert agency in exchange for Ranvir Singh helping her catch the murderer. To help her kill the murderer, she is given information about their whereabouts and helped. Shabana travels to Goa under the agent's protection. Ajay Singh assists her in escaping after she kills the primary attacker. She joins the covert organization and is sent to assassinate Mikhail, a major supplier and dealer of guns around the world.


6.  Mary Kom Click to look into! >>

The film Mary Kom is about a boxer of the same name. Despite her father's objections, Kom becomes interested in boxing after finding a boxing glove in an airplane crash. Kom accepts to marry him after winning the 2006 Women's World Amateur Boxing Championships, much to the chagrin of her trainer. She quits her work after finding out she was pregnant and applies for a job with the government. She picks up her boxing training again with Onler's encouragement and returns to the National Boxing Championship.  The 2008 AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships are won by Kom, who earned the moniker "Magnificent Mary" for her accomplishments in the competition.


7. Dhoom 3

The film Dhoom 3 shows female action, Aaliya, an acrobat, also the female lead of the film. In vengeance for his father's passing, Sahir robs the Western Bank of Chicago, but ACP Jai Dixit and Sub-Inspector Ali Akbar Fateh Khan assist in cracking the case. Samar, Sahir's twin brother who has autism, helps him in carrying out the heists and stunts. Sahir and Samar are killed when Jai and Ali are reassigned to the case to capture them for robbing a bank. The Great Indian Circus is taken over entirely by Aaliya.


8. Manikarnika The Queen Of Jhansi

The film Manikarnika is about Rani Laxmi Bai. Born in 1828, Manikarnika was nurtured in Bithoor by her father and Peshwa Bajirao II. Laxmibai rejects Dixit Ji of Jhansi's marriage proposal to Gangadhar Rao. She seizes control and thwarts British attempts to usurp the crown. Laxmibai gathers 20,000 soldiers for her army, smashes British cannons, diverts the British military, flees to Kalpi, captures Gwalior, leads an assault on the British military, perishes, and hands over Jhansi to the British Government. She was lauded for her bravery by General Hugh Rose.


9. Pathaan

In the film Pathaan, Rubina is shown fighting and in action. A contract is signed by Qadir, a commander in the Pakistani army who has cancer, and Jim, a private terrorist group, to avenge India. Pathaan and his squad travel to Dubai to thwart Outfit X's intentions to attack the President, but they soon understand that it was all a setup to deceive them. Pathaan and Rubai meet after the Raktbeej virus is revealed to them, and they proceed to Jim's lab to retrieve an orb. Jim is killed when Pathaan steals the detonator, disables Raktbeej, and hurls Jim outside the cabin.

10.  Revolver Rani Click to look into! >>

The film Revolver Rani involves the character of Kangana in action. The film portrays her as a strong politician. The leader of a political party who adores Rohan Mehra Rohan Mehra is a chocolate face hero that always w >> Read More... is Alka Singh. To remove Alka from office, the Tomar party, her main opposition, first wants to harm her. Rohan is kidnapped by the Tomars and taken to Gwalior, but Revolver Rani steps in and saves him.