Ten Best Coke Studio Songs Hindi Article

At times; music can touch you like nothing else can. 
Starting with the idea of bringing different artists together on one platform Coke Studio is now a synonym for good music. 
Some masterpieces from Coke Studio that you wouldn't want to miss are as follows:
Vishal Dadlani, who knew that the terrific music composer could charm us with his soulful voice as well? The song talks about the almighty ,being the Madari, the one who controls every situation in our life, and that we humans are the ones who just tune with it.
Celebrating rebellion, sense of belonging and freedom, this song is a classic blend of Bhanvari Devi’s classical Rajasthani vocals with Hard Kaur’s powerful rapping skills.
The song brings together two powerful voices of Jyoti Nooran from the famous Nolan sister duo and Harshdeep Kaur, who together make for a fascinating jugal bandy. It celebrates fearlessness and a bold, carefree attitude.
With Jasmine beautifully singing the composition which talks about the chaos in the mind of a lover who has experienced heartbreak, this song is a heartening rendition for everyone who has had their heart broken.
Written and composed by Piyush Mishra, 15 years before this song got featured on Coke Studio, this song talks about the tumult and upheaval experienced by two lovers. Not only that, but it also talks about the disparities experienced by India and Pakistan after the partition.
A.R. Rahman adds his aura to Zariya with the traditional Buddhist hymn and Jordanian melody. Running around the theme of complete happiness, compassion, and motherhood this song will surely give you a soothing experience.
A famous Sufi number for ages now, this song compares love to the worship of the almighty. Added to that is the magic recreated by Wadali Brothers on stage will surely leave you awestruck.
The magic created by Sachin Jigar and his daughter in this song depicts a heart to heart father-daughter conversation. An ineluctable charm is given to this piece by Rekha Bhardwaj.
Tanvi Shah’s voice and Amit Trivedi’s melodies have managed to build a beautiful masterpiece from the original piece which is a danceable rhythm.
This one composition which perfectly describes a free-spirited woman’s heart by Amit Trivedi leaves the listener humming its tune long after it's over.