Wadali Brothers Hindi Actor

They are the famous Islamic musicians as well as singers from ‘Guru Ki Wadali’ that is present in the Amritsar district of Punjab state. These two brothers are Puranchand Wadali and Pyarelal Wadali. They were born as the fifth generation saints singing the messages of the Islamic saints. Before they became the Islamic singers, they were in completely different professions. The elder brother, Puranchad Wadala was in wrestling (also called as akhara) for the past 25, years and the other brother contributed his part to the family by playing the role of Lord Krishna in the ‘Rasleela’ in the villages. Their father was Thakur Das, and he was the one who had forced the elder brother into music. He had learned the music from the two famous masters, Pandit Durga Das and Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, who was a Hindustani vocalist from the Patiala Gharana, which is one f the Gharanas from the 'Hindustani Classical' music.

The elder one had taught it to the younger one, and the younger brother considers the elder to be his master even today. They had started their career as the singers, and their first performance was at Harballabh Temple, which is present in Jalandhar, in the year 1975, and it was the first time they had performed it at a new place other than their village. When they went to the temple for the first time they were not allowed to go inside because of their appearance. So they had decided to sing the song there at the temple itself, and they did it which was recorded by the All India Radio. They sing in different genres like Gurbani, which is a Sikh term, Kafi an Islamic term, Ghazal, which is poetry and Bhajan, which is a Hindu term. They teach the music to all those who wanted to keep it alive. They are the followers of Sufi, and they firmly believe that they have been sent onto the earth to tell the preaching of the great saints to the others.

They made their first debut in the Bollywood in the year 2003 in which they had given the music to the famous writer and music director of the Bollywood, Gulzar in their style in the movie ‘Pinjar’. Apart from the above movie they also had given the music for another movie named ‘Dhoop’ for just one song. Discovery Channel is trying to make a documentary on both the brothers. They also had given music for ‘Thooral Nindralam’ in the Tamil movie ‘Chikku Bikku’. They have been awarded several prestigious awards like the ‘Sangeet Natak Akademi Award’ in the year 1991. In the year 2005, the government had titled the Puranchand Wadala with ‘Padma Shri’. They also received PTC awards in the year 2015.