Kirtidan Gadhvi is an Indian singing artist who prominently features in the genre of devotional music. He hails from the Anand district, and his mother tongue is Gujarati. After formal education, he took admission in a local college and studied B.Com. However, Kirtidan got inclined to music more than his studies. Finally, he decided to abandon it for his passion. Further, Kirtidan enrolled his name at the MS University in Vadodara where he learned the art of melody for five years. He believes that music runs in his genes which guided him to the pinnacle of his success. After his education, he wrote and sang Gujarati jingles, which received moderate success.

Meanwhile, he resumed developing the art of tribal songs to become a versatile singer. With the time, people noticed the arrival of a young musician who would take folk music by storm in the near future. His specialty lies in Dayra, one of the native song types. Soon, he created a unique image for himself in the industry. He surprised his fans with his detailed knowledge of the traditional Gujarati tracks. He added his zing to his singles, which the listeners termed it as dynamic in nature. Kirtidan became a youth icon in no time. With a sizeable Indian diaspora around the world, Kirtidan did not disappoint his followers and reciprocated their feelings by crooning to his hit songs.

Mainly, he toured New Zealand, England, Canada, United States of America, and Scotland where substantial Gujarat-based immigrants have been living. He is a regular at the cultural events as well. Nowadays, most of the devotees consider “Dandiya” celebration incomplete if they do not dance to Kirtidan’s soulful tunes. High-profile Dandiya events have seen Gadhvi as the chief guest. People living outside Gujarat, came to know about Gujarati folk music when they heard Kirtidan’s Ladkee on MTV Coke Studio. His track Ladkee emphasized the importance of a father-daughter relationship. Composer duo Sachin-Jigar wanted a Gujarati singer for their Coke Studio slot and zeroed on in Kirtidan.

Though he was reluctant to modify the rhythm, he gave his nod to sing Ladkee with a different tone. His favorite bhajans are “He Jag Jan Ni” and “Gagan Gadh Ramva Ne Halo.” In June 2015, he organized a concert whose theme was cow-protection which earned a whopping 4.5 crore rupees. In his another gig, the crowd showered the new Rs. 500 and 2000 notes on Kirtidan, which led to criticism of this insensitive act. However, the vocalist stated that his group would donate the money for the welfare of soldiers’ families. Nevertheless, he has been one of the inspirations for the upcoming talent. In 2015, the state government awarded Gadhvi the prize of Best Singer.

Bhanwari Devi Hindi Actress

Bhanwari Devi

Bhanwari Devi is a traditional folk singer from Rajasthan. In this new age, the community is full of stories, stories of bravery, stories in this new society of women breaking from the pigeonholed rules. Bhanwari Devi belongs to the Bhopa-Bhopi community of Bundelkhand. Her shy yet lively persona does not recall her exact age but (looks nearly middle-aged about 50) and is a mother of nine. She is a mother of six boys and three girls all of them married and have their kids. The folk singer has her roots at Motisar Bada, Choru near Sikar dist. Of Rajasthan. The singer is known to appear with a scarf concealing her face. The symbol of feminine shyness is nothing but a mere impression. Because under that odhni (scarf) is a strong woman whose firm hands hold the mic with unrelenting confidence. She has a power packed voice that resounds in the hoary piazza of the Mehrangarh Fort in the city of Jodhpur. This is all about a show in at the Mehrangarh Fort of Bhanwari Devi along with Rehna Mirza in the Maand-More style of singing. Rehna Mirza is also known as the queen of the Kotha-Rajwadi tradition of Maand of Jodhpur Rajasthan International Folk Festival (JRIFF). Maand is a kind of royalty song that is sung in the name of kings and royalties praising their bravery at the wars. It is also sung as a song commemorating their absence. Rekha, one of the fellow singers who joined the two in the performance tells how fulfilling it is to perform with them. She tells that the reasons for her to team up with Bhanwari Devi and Rehana Mirza are their innocent zeal and frankness towards their trade. It is this very point that touches the heart of each and every person who collaborates with them. Bhanwari Devi used to sing and perform all her songs along with her husband. However, with her Bhopa passing away 10 years ago, she started performing solo. The scene of a Bhopi performing alone was unseen for in her community. Somehow, the lady with her melodious yet strong voice overcame all odds and made her own mark in the industry. One of her most celebrated songs is Kattey. It was one of those songs that audiences went gaga on for a long time (probably still are). The Angry Indian Goddess as we know of is one of the paradigms for women empowerment. In the incredibly male-dominated arena, she is a very authoritative performer of the Kabir Poetry. The Kabir Poetry are the poems of the 15th century Indian Poet Kabir. The verses talk about the various aspects of life and a loving devotion towards God. One of her other chartbuster in the Indian song industry is the song she did in collaboration with Ram Sampath.