How To Become A Table Games Dealer In New Zealand

How To Become A Table Games Dealer In New Zealand English Article

Table game dealers work at casinos and operate the table games available at the designated casino. A dealer's prime responsibilities are to exchange money for chips, determine winners of games, playhouse hands, deal cards, solve any form of disputes, and detect cheaters.

Earnings Of A Table Games Dealer 

Earnings of Table game dealers usually depend on the experience and skill set of the person. People having up to 150 hours of work experience tend to earn the minimum wage plus around $20-25 per hour. Dealers usually get health insurance, subsidized meals, and employee discounts at the casinos. 

  • Table games dealers have to train for 4-6 weeks, during which they usually earn the minimum wage rate
  • Skilled dealers who are experts in table games usually earn around $22 per hour

Job Of A Table Games  Dealer 

The main job description for a table games dealer in a day involves: 

  • Checking the cash float and opening the game table at the casino
  • Ensuring that the cards and other equipment are organized and are  ready to be  used by the punters
  • Exchanging cash for chips 
  • Dealers start the game and control it according to the procedures and rules of the casino
  • Keeping track of the total number of chips a player wins or loses during a game
  • Managing the chips payout
  • The cash float has to be balanced after the closing of accounting at the end of each day. 

Basic Knowledge Requirements For A Dealer

Table dealers need to be aware of the rules of the games and the procedures that are needed to be followed at any cost. They must be aware of all the different bets and their value. With experience comes better handling of security risks that are part of every casino. Having a good amount of mathematics knowledge is also a part of the job. Lastly, one must be prompt while interacting with the customers. 

Factors Required To Apply For The Job 

Certain requirements are needed to apply for a Table Games Dealer job: 

  • One has to be 20 years of age  and above
  • Has to be free from any  criminal records and must undergo a police verification check
  • The Department of Internal Affairs has to provide a Certificate of Approval to the candidate 

Characteristic Requirements For The Job 

To apply for a Table Games Dealer job, one has to have good communication skills. Being amiable and extroverted is a bonus. A person must have good listening skills and be well equipped with certain linguistic proficiencies required by the casino. Maintaining calm while tackling tense situations is important. 

Being truthful, diplomatic, and dependable is important. A person must be efficient and trustworthy to handle a large customer base and cash flow. Dealers at casinos must always be well-groomed and fit to be able to stand for long hours. 

Table Games Dealers At New Zealand 

There are many renowned table games dealers in New Zealand. SkyCity is the largest employment provider in Auckland. It operates 24*7 and provides work opportunities to plenty of table games dealers in the country. Other casinos that offer employment to table games dealers are:

  • SkyCity Hamilton: It is the top-ranking destination for entertainment in the center of Hamilton’s CBD. The casino is located inside the former Chief Post Office by the banks of the river Waikato. There are over 23 table games and 300 gaming machines that you can top up with NZ dollars (all NZD casinos - and gamble for money.
  • Christchurch Casino: It is a large, dynamic casino operated by a diverse range of skilled individuals. The team includes both part-time employees and long-term careers. 
  • SkyCity Queenstown: This casino operates from 11 am till midnight and comprises the world’s most popular games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Midi Baccarat. 
  • Dunedin Casino: This casino is located in central Dunedin, beside the Scenic Hotel Southern Cross. It offers multiple games like Caribbean Stud Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, etc., and has over 180 electronic gaming machines for the punters. 

In A Nutshell 

Job opportunities for table game dealers in New Zealand are huge. An increase in job vacancies provides great opportunities for people who are looking for this particular job. Cruise ships at NZ also conduct multiple table games such as Dice, Let It Ride, etc., and offer job vacancies to the people. One must fulfill all the criteria to get a job that can be life-changing. Well-established and successful Table Games dealers may advance into supervisory and management roles later on.