Top 10 Actresses In The Assamese Film Industry

Top 10 Actresses In The Assamese Film Industry In 2022 Assamese Article

The country isn’t ignorant of the northeastern states anymore. The film industry in Assam is also giving tough competition to the other regional ones. The industry is fast growing with a new bunch of actors and actresses who won the hearts of their audience with their mesmerizing performances on the big screen. The introduction of several social media platforms proved to be a boon for the industry as the artists can now promote their works nationwide to gain more viewers. Here is the list of all the top actresses in the Assamese film industry in 2022 that you can’t miss knowing.  

1. Amrita Gogoi Amrita Gogoi is a beautiful and successful Indian >> Read More... Amrita Gogoi

Born and brought up in Assam, Amrita Gogoi debuted in the 2015 Assamese film Ahetuk, directed by Bani Das Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Bani Das . She is a famous actress in the Assamese film industry. People started to know her after she acted in popular Assamese music videos like Pedel Mari Mari, Biju Bijuba, and Malobika Baruah.


2. Annanyya Kashyap

Debuted in the 2013 Assamese film Val Pabo NajaniluI by Rhituraj Dutta, Kashyap has impressed audiences through her works in the Assamese entertainment industry. She is well-known for her famous music video projects on YouTube, like Morilong Morilong Lagi Jai, Masoloi Goisilung, Mur Seng Mur Bakhor, and Gogoi Dair Putek.

3. Himakshi Kalita Himakshi Kalita is an Assamese film & television a >> Read More... Himakshi Kalita

Debuted in the Assamese suspense thriller film Kun by Anuprash Das, Himakshi is famous for playing the lead role in the Assamese TV serial Jonaki Kareng and Boidehi. Her works include successful Assamese music albums like Morom Barhe, Prothom, Keteki 2019, and Pronoy. Himakshi is also a social media influencer with around 340k+ active Instagram followers.


4. Prasturti Parashar

A famous Assamese actress, Prasturti Parashar, debuted in the 1999 Assamese film Maharathi, directed by Bani Das. Impressing her audiences with her brilliant performances onscreen since then, Parashar was born at Malow Ali in Jorhat. Before getting into films, Parashar acted in a TV serial Barnil in Doordarshan Guwahati. For her Assamese film Mriganabhi, she won the best female actor award at the 2016 Dada Saheb International Film Festival.


5. Deeplina Deka DeeplinaDeka is an Indian actress who has predomin >> Read More... Deeplina Deka

Deeplina is a talented actress from Assam who debuted in the 2017 box office hit Assamese movie Mission China, directed by Zubeen Garg Zubeen Garg or Zubeen Borthakur aka Goldie was bor >> Read More... Zubeen Garg . The film earned around one crore. She graduated in engineering and is also a national-level badminton player. The actress is also famous for her beautiful voice. Deeplina is a classically trained musician and a Kathak dancer.


6. Parineeta Borthakur Parineeta Borthakur is an Assamese actress, who ha >> Read More... Parineeta Borthakur

A model cum actress, Parineeta is a well-known Assamese actress who worked in many Hindi TV serials and films. She was first seen in Pritam Pyare Aur Who on SAB TV, playing the character of Gogoi. Parineeta receives lots of praise for her brilliant performances in Assamese films like Nayak, Barood, Borolar Sansar, Jeevan Baator Ligori, and Poley Poley Urey Mon.


7. Preety Kongana Preety Kongana Barman hails from Cape Town, Assam. >> Read More... Preety Kongana

A newcomer in the Assamese film industry, Preety is a model cum actress who has been modeling since she was 16. Breakthrough success came to the actress with the famous Assamese TV serial Ardhangini for playing the character of Gungun. Preety is married to the famous Assamese singer Simanta Shekhar.


8. Lonishri Das

Coming from a family of rich cultural values, Lonishri was always interested in singing and dancing since childhood. Astittwa, Goru and Raktabeez are her recent Assamese film releases. The actress is famous for her Assamese music videos on YouTube like. Selfie Le Le Re by Montumoni Saikia, Dhire Dhire by Zubeen Garg, and Eh Dehi Eh Dehi by Hurricane Girls.


9. Sunita Kaushik Sunita Kaushik is an Assamese movie actress best k >> Read More... Sunita Kaushik

A well-known Assamese actress Sunita Kaushik is also famous on Instagram, with around 90.7k followers on her profile. Kaushik receives lots of praise for her brilliant performances in popular Assamese TV serials like MoromorAnuradha, Anuradha, and Ki Naam Di Matim. The Assamese actress is also a classically trained Kathak dancer. Ajanite Mone Mone and Priyar Priyo are her recent Assamese film releases.

10. Debashree Gogoi

Debuted in the 2016 romantic thriller Assamese film Hari Om by Arup Jyoti Rabha, Gogoi is famous for her Assamese music video Dihinge Disange by Dikshu. She has also appeared in music videos like Xuonxirir Xun, Morom, Nwngni Farse, and many more, which have crossed millions of views on YouTube.