Telugu Dialogue Writer ( 0 - 12 )

VJ Rakhi Netha

Palagummi Padmaraju

Kondaveeti Venkatakavi

Saahith Mothkuri


Dialogue Writer "Elevates The Script "

A dialogue writer is a person who writes the hard-hitting and dramatic dialogues that are crucial to the story of any film. After a movie is screened and long forgotten, what remains etched in the minds of the public is the powerful dialogue that left them stunned, or cracked them up or caused some impact on them. After a script is decided to be made into a film, the scriptwriter or the dialogue writer begins working on the dialogues for the actors. With every new big film comes a new dialogue that catches on with the public and helps in the publicity of these flicks, as the movie buffs thrive on them. The fans, a lot many times, try to imitate the way their beloved actors deliver them in their own styles. It is the main reason why those very scenes with the compelling words from the actors are released as a part of the trailer.

People are driven into a frenzy with such promos, and the effect is them storming for tickets in cinema halls, often creating a ruckus, to watch their favorite thespian on the big screen. Although these writers most of the times go unnoticed by us, they hardly complain. If not for them, how would we come across those romantic dialogues to ask our crush out, or those senti ones to emotionally blackmail our friends while asking for favors? Life would be so plain, isn’t it? We know. So we bring to you the heroes from behind the scenes! Here are the Tollywood writers who penned down the most brilliant dialogues of all time, for us.