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Telugu Singer Madhu Priya
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Madhu Priya is a Telangana folk singer, who mainly works in the Telugu film industry. She was born on August 26, 1997, to Sujatha and Peddinti Mallesh. When she was young, her parents had moved to Hyderabad from Karimnagar. She rose to fame after singing the song, Adapillanamma Nenu Adapilanani on Maa TV’s Idea Super Singer.

In October 2015, Madhu Priya got married to a businessman named Srikanth at an early age. The marriage was against her parents’ wishes and insists that she was still a minor at the time of her marriage. Allegedly, she just fell in Srikanth’s trap, but Madhu insisted that her parents were making lies. Surprisingly, five months after her marriage, she filed a case against her husband and stated that Srikanth is harassing her for dowry. Based on the reports, Srikanth has been threatening her and her family. However, he opposed that statement and stated that he went to the house of Madhu’s parents after they called him to resolve the issues and save their marriage. But Srikanth claimed that Madhu’s family beat him soon after he reached their house.

Later, the couple had counseling by the Humayaun Nagar Police, which eventually led Madhu to withdraw her complaint. She stated that she was just misguided by her parents, who asked her to file a complaint against her husband. Madhu and Srikanth reunite while Madhu’s father got arrested after he and some relatives had beaten a 30-year old businessman, whom they thought was Srikanth.


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