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Telugu Producer Niranjan Reddy
  • Gender : Male

Niranjan Reddy is an India-based film Producer. He has worked predominantly in the Telugu movie industry. He is known for films like Wild Dog, released in 2021, directed and written by Ahishor Solomon Ahishor Solomon is a writer as well as a director >> Read More... , starring Nagarjuna Akkineni, Dia Mirza Dia Mirza’s original name is Dia Handrich. Dia Mir >> Read More... , Saiyami Kher             ‘Saiyami Kher’ was born in 1992, and s >> Read More... , Atul Kulkarni Atul Kulkarni was born in the year 1965 in Karnata >> Read More... , Anish Kuruvilla Anish Kuruvilla is an Indian actor, executive prod >> Read More... , and K.C. Shankar; Arjuna Phalguna, released in 2021, directed and written by Teja Marni Teja Marni is a talented Telugu film director know >> Read More... , starring Mahesh Achanta Mahesh Achanta is an Indian-Actor. He primarily wo >> Read More... , V.K. Naresh, Dayanand Reddy Dayanand Reddy Kodavatiganti is an Indian film dir >> Read More... , and Sree Vishnu Sree Vishnu is a Tollywood actor, born on 30th Aug >> Read More... ; Mishan Impossible, released in 2022, directed and written by Swaroop Rsj, starring Jay Chandra Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Viswanath Mandalika Vishwanath was born on April 1, 1989, in Andhra Pr >> Read More... , Hardy Nation, Taapsee Pannu Taapsee Pannu is an actress and model of Indian or >> Read More... , Hareesh Peradi Hareesh Peradi, a sublime actor who blends so well >> Read More... , and Satyam Rajesh Satyam Rajesh is an acclaimed Telugu comedian and >> Read More... ; and Acharya, released in 2022, directed and written by Koratala Siva Koratala Siva is a screenwriter and film director >> Read More... , starring Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan Ram Charan is a famous Tollywood actor and an entr >> Read More... , Pooja Hegde Pooja hegde was the second runner up at miss unive >> Read More... , Sonu Sood Sonu Sood is a famous Indian Cinema actor, model w >> Read More... , Jisshu Sengupta Jisshu Sengupta is an artist who is known for his >> Read More... , Nassar, and Vennela Kishore Vennela Kishore is a famous Tollywood actor, direc >> Read More... .


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Age Now 56

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